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Climate Solutions Fund > How you can benefit > Purchasing carbon credits with co-benefits

Purchasing carbon credits with co-benefits

Climate Solutions Fund projects earn Australian carbon credit units (carbon credits) for achieving carbon abatement. Carbon credits can be sold to us by establishing a contract, or to other purchasers including businesses and state governments.

In addition to carbon abatement, projects may achieve a range of other environmental, economic, social and cultural benefits, called co-benefits. Examples of co-benefits include:

  • increasing biodiversity from the protection and regeneration of native vegetation
  • use of traditional fire management practices providing new income streams for Indigenous communities, and
  • improved soil health and resilience in the land sector.

Businesses, state governments and other purchasers can buy carbon credits to offset emissions or meet emission reduction targets. For purchasers, carbon credits with co-benefits can offer additional value in meeting sustainability commitments.

How can I purchase carbon credits with co-benefits?

If you wish to purchase carbon credits from projects with co-benefits, you will need to enter into a commercial agreement with the seller to buy these carbon credits.

Climate Solutions Fund project participants, agents and other carbon credit sellers often use their websites to publish information on co-benefits that may be delivered by specific projects.

Before you buy

You should ask the seller for information on the specific project earning the carbon credits, including the Climate Solutions Fund project identification number (EOP or ERF number) and where you can find further information on the project.

Visit our project register and search for the project identification number to verify the project information. The Carbon Market Institute also provides information about projects with co-benefits.

Best practice commercial agreements to purchase carbon credits will specify the project details and provide assurance in relation to the authenticity of the co-benefits delivered by a project.

The Clean Energy Regulator cannot conduct checks or provide assurance on claims of co-benefits that accompany Climate Solutions Fund projects and carbon credits. Purchasers will need to conduct their own due diligence when buying carbon credits with co-benefits.

We have made it easier to identify carbon credits with co-benefits in ANREU

The Australian national registry of emissions units (ANREU) is a secure electronic system that tracks the location and ownership of carbon credits under the Climate Solutions Fund. Sellers of carbon credits can transfer them to purchasers in the ANREU.

If you intend to purchase carbon credits, you will need to open an ANREU account.

After you buy

Once carbon credits have been transferred to your ANREU account, you can hover over the Project ID to see the project name. Click on the Project ID, which will take you to that project on our project register. The project register provides further information, including:

  • the project location
  • name of the project proponent, and
  • number of carbon credits issued by financial year.

You can verify the details contained in the register against what was offered in your commercial agreement with the seller.

Next Steps

We are seeking feedback from both purchasers and sellers on whether these changes meet market needs and whether there are preferences for further ANREU enhancements.

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