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Climate Solutions Fund > How you can benefit

How you can benefit

Do you want to diversify your income? Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint? Are you looking to participate in Australia's carbon market?

Run a project and earn carbon credits

Whether you're a farmer, landholder, business, state government or local council, you can run a Climate Solutions Fund project. By running a project, you can earn Australian carbon credit units (carbon credits) for emissions avoidance or storage of carbon dioxide in vegetation and soil.

Each carbon credit represents one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas emissions stored or avoided. Climate Solution Fund emission avoidance projects can earn carbon credits for up to seven years. Savanna burning projects and those that store carbon dioxide are able to earn carbon credits for up to 25 years.

Visit our projects register to see the types of projects already being carried out across the country.

Sell carbon credits to the Australian Government

You can sell your carbon credits to us by participating in one of our auctions which are generally held twice a year. Auctions provide you with the opportunity to bid for a contract to deliver some, or all, of the carbon credits you expect to generate by running your project.

If you are interested in selling carbon credits to us at the next auction, see more information on participating in an auction under the Emissions Reduction Fund.

To find out how much abatement we have secured for Australia and how many carbon credits we have purchased to date, see our latest.

Selling and purchasing carbon credits

You can sell carbon credits to other purchasers including businesses and state governments through a fixed commercial agreement or on the spot market at the prevailing market price.

Businesses or other purchasers looking to source carbon credits to offset their emissions or meet emission reduction targets may wish to consider:

Invest in carbon markets

If you're an investor or other business wanting to participate in carbon markets, find out more information about the markets and read our latest market reports.

Co-benefits from projects

In addition to emissions stored or avoided and earning carbon credits, Climate Solutions Fund projects can provide a range of other direct benefits, called co-benefits. Co-benefits can include environmental, economic, social and cultural benefits for farmers, businesses, landholders, Indigenous Australians and communities.

Examples co-benefits can include:

  • Improving water quality, reducing soil erosion and reducing salinity through revegetation activities.
  • Improving farm resilience and sustainability through increased diversity of land-use activities.
  • Improving the productivity of farms by replenishing the carbon content of soils.
  • Valuing traditional knowledge on fire management and providing an economic opportunity for indigenous communities while reducing late season wildfire damage in savanna areas.
  • Increasing biodiversity and providing increased habitat for native species.
  • Lowering the emissions profile and reducing energy costs by increasing energy efficiency for Australian businesses.

Co-benefits from projects and the Land Restoration Fund

If you have a land-based Climate Solutions Fund project located in Queensland (QLD) that offers co-benefits, you can apply for funding through the QLD Government's Land Restorations Fund.

The Land Restoration Fund is a state initiative that aims to expand carbon farming in QLD by supporting land-sector projects that deliver additional environmental, social and economic co-benefits.

For further information, see the Land Restoration Fund.

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