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Applying for an exemption certificate

21 October 2020

You must apply on or before 30 March each calendar year for the year applied for. For example, on or before 30 March 2021 for a 2021 exemption certificate.

Obtaining emissions-intensive trade-exposed (EITE) exemption is made up of two parts:

  • the exemption certificate letter, which specifies the use amount formula to determine the amount of exemption in megawatt hours (certifiable amount). The use amount formula will determine the amount of relevant acquisitions of electricity (liable electricity) you consume to produce a relevant product, and
  • the notice of certifiable amount letter, which specifies the certifiable amount for a nominated 12 month period. To receive this, the best approach is to submit monthly data for the use amount formula by the specified deadlines.

All interactions between the applicant and the Clean Energy Regulator occur though the Client Portal, including:

  • submitting an "Exemption certificate (electricity use method)" application
  • submitting a "Change of liable entity / multiple liable entities" form
  • making a notification to the Clean Energy Regulator
  • entering and submitting data to receive your certifiable amount, and
  • receiving notifications about your application or notice.

Step one - apply

  1. Access the Client Portal where you can login or click 'Sign-up now' to create an account.
    • Consider if you should be the Client Portal account manager or not. We expect Client Portal managers to manage company Client Portal accounts. Individuals will need to create their own Client Portal account, unless they already have one. The system will automatically assign this role to you. Tip: have more than one Client Portal manager for the company.
    • Consider if you need to be the primary contact for your account. The primary contact role means that you will receive requests for information about the application and other correspondence from us.
  2. Complete the "Exemption certificate (electricity use method)" form.
  3. Enter and submit monthly data relevant to the use amount formula at the end of your nominated 12 month period.
    • You need to complete this step to obtain your amount of exemption for the year.

Step two - assessment by the Clean Energy Regulator

We will assess your application within 60 days of your successful submission or receipt of additional information needed to complete our assessment.

Step three - application outcome notification

After we complete our assessment, you will be notified of the outcome through the Client Portal.

Your retailer may access documents assuming your retailer representative has a Client Portal user account and that they have a Primary Contact role.


After the exemption certificate is issued you can:


If we have refused your application, we have assessed that you are not entitled to an exemption certificate.

You may seek review of our assessment if you:

  • believe we did not provide enough information about why we refused your application, contact us and we can provide more information, or
  • do not agree with the delegates decision to refuse the application.

See Internal review of decisions for guidance on seeking a review of the assessment outcome.

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