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Applying for an exemption certificate

03 February 2023

Companies may apply for an exemption certificate if they meet eligibility requirements and separately apply for their certifiable amount. The exemption certificate application period opens 1 August and closes 30 March annually.

An exemption certificate confirms eligibility for the emissions-intensive trade-exposed (EITE) activity or activities at the site and describes the use amount formula. The use amount formula calculates the certifiable amount. The certifiable amount is the amount of electricity used to produce EITE activity for the calendar year.

Companies seeking to apply for exemption certificates must, on an annual basis:

  • have a user account for the Client Portal and ensure that contact information is current
  • lodge an exemption certificate application. Before applying, the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) recommends you seek independent legal advice, review Renewable Energy Target (RET) legislation and review our compliance priorities
  • lodge monthly data for a year (typically a calendar year) based on the use amount formula documented in the exemption certificate to claim a certifiable amount.

Am I eligible for an exemption certificate?

You are eligible to apply for an exemption certificate if your company:

How do I apply for an exemption certificate?

If you are eligible, you may apply by completing the ‘Apply for an exemption certificate’ form in the Client Portal.

Before applying, review our Guidance for a successful application and Client Portal user tips. This information guides you to lodge an accurate application with supporting documentation and acts as a checklist. Failing to review this information may result in an inaccurate application being lodged. Further, you could provide false and misleading information or documentation with your application which carries a maximum penalty of 12 months imprisonment under sections 137.1 and 137.2 of the Criminal Code Act 1995.

When can I expect to receive my exemption certificate?

If CER does not seek additional information to verify your application, exemption certificates are issued within 60 business days of application receipt. If CER asks for additional information, exemption certificates are issued within the next 60 business days after your additional information has been received.

My exemption certificate was issued. What happens next?

You need to add monthly data into the Client Portal in preparation of lodging data for the certifiable amount period at the end of the certifiable amount period.

See Submitting monthly data in your exemption determination tool for your certifiable amount for more information, including Client Portal user tips.

Who benefits from exemption certificates?

The applicant can negotiate a benefit for their exemption certificate and certifiable amount with their liable entity (electricity retailer).

The liable entity benefits by using the exemption certificates and certifiable amounts to reduce their relevant acquisitions of electricity and reporting obligations for the assessment year. See Liable entities for more information.

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