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Solar Irradiance methodology – information for solar power stations

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12 November 2021


Eligibility requirements

The SI methodology is suitable for power stations with capacities over 100 kilowatts and under one megawatt, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. System operation
    1. The system must operate reliably and be properly maintained.
    2. You are required to report if the system is switched off or disconnected.
  2. ‘LGC’ meter/s included in the accreditation of the power station must continue to operate.
    1. The ‘LGC’ meter must operate reliably and be properly maintained.
    2. The Clean Energy Regulator may at any time request for ‘LGC’ meter data to be provided.
  3. For systems that are managed by a party other than the owner, any stakeholder agreement currently in place must be valid for the whole time that the SI methodology is in use for the power station.
    1. The nominated person for the power station should inform all stakeholders of the power station that they have opted into using the SI methodology to determine LGC entitlement for the power station.
    2. The agency may request that a copy of the contract with the stakeholder be provided.
  4. The nominated person for the power station cannot vary the LGC entitlement worked out using the SI methodology.
  5. The power station is subject to compliance requirements of the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target scheme. As per REC Registry terms and conditions the nominated person for the power station must report within 28 days where any conditions for the SI methodology are not being met.
  6. At the agency’s discretion, operating the SI methodology may be discontinued in respect of a power station without prior notice.
  7. The nominated person for the power station may revert to a meter-based method if the SI methodology is discontinued.

If you are interested in participating but are unsure if you are eligible, please contact us.

Do I need to provide any information to confirm eligibility?

The agency will use information supplied during accreditation to assess eligibility.

However, you may be contacted for additional information, including:

  • updated single line diagram and additional technical documentation
  • images of the solar power station
  • solar power station array orientation (azimuth and tilt).

How to opt in to the Solar Irradiance methodology

Nominated persons for accredited solar power stations that receive an invitation to participate in the trial can opt-in to the methodology through the REC Registry.

Follow the steps below to opt-in to the Solar Irradiance methodology.

  1. Visit REC Registry - Power station applications
  2. Select ‘Renewable energy systems’
  3. Select ‘Power station applications’
  4. Select ‘Change LGC methodology’
  5. Select ‘Start application’
  6. Select the power station you wish to sign up
  7. Provide the information requested
  8. Sign the declaration and submit the form.

Once you have completed the steps above, we will assess your application. If approved, your power station will be switched to the methodology during the following month. You will automatically continue in the methodology until you choose to opt out. Power stations can submit an application to opt out at any time. This will be processed at the end of the calendar year. To opt out, please email Power stations with the power station name and accreditation code.

More information

For more information, visit Solar Irradiance methodology or contact us.

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