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Solar Irradiance methodology

24 October 2023


What is the Solar Irradiance methodology?

The Solar Irradiance methodology is an automated system used to calculate large-scale generation certificate (LGC) entitlement for eligible power stations of over 100 kilowatts (kW) and under one megawatt (MW) that participate in the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target scheme.

What are the benefits of the methodology?

The Solar Irradiance methodology provides several benefits for solar power stations:

  • No more manual data entry - the data-driven approach frees nominated persons from having to manually enter generation data into the REC Registry and submit LGC claims for assessment. The reduced administrative burden will save users over 30 minutes per solar power station every month.
  • Faster processing times - improved efficiency will reduce LGC claim processing times for participating power stations.
  • Simpler interactions with the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) - the methodology will reduce the need for the CER to request additional information.

How does the Solar Irradiance methodology work?

The CER uses automation to calculate the eligible electricity for participating solar power stations and credits a nominated persons' REC Registry account each month with LGCs.

Eligible electricity is calculated by using the CER's generic irradiance model, combined with each solar power station's:

  • hardware specifications
  • location
  • solar panel azimuth (orientation) and tilt
  • site specific, real time, solar irradiance and air temperature data.

Shading and soiling on solar panels will be taken into account for calculating LGC entitlement. This is to increase accuracy of the irradiance model for each power station.

The solar power station will then be credited with one LGC per megawatt hour (MWh) of eligible electricity. Once LGCs are credited, nominated persons are required to pay the LGC registration fee to access their LGC entitlement through the REC Registry.

Eligibility and opting in

The CER has designed documentasset: application form to opt-in to the Solar Irradiance methodology. The CER will assess a power station's eligibility to use the methodology based on the information provided in the form. Each power station will be assessed separately and will require an individual application form.

You do not need to complete the form if your power station is currently active on the Solar Irradiance methodology.

Your power station may be suitable for the Solar Irradiance methodology if it meets the following eligibility criteria:

  • The only source of eligible generation utilised by the power station is fixed (non-tracking) solar panels.
  • The power station capacity is greater than 100 kilowatts (kW) and under 1 megawatt (MW).
  • The components of your power station are accurate as listed on the REC Registry.
  • The power station is properly maintained and operates reliably.


You must comply with the following Solar Irradiance methodology requirements while using the methodology to calculate Large-scale Generation Certificate (LGC) eligibility.

  • Report if the system is switched off, disconnected, or suffers from a fault or condition that affects the system's ability to generate power as soon as such events are discovered.
    • Monitoring each power station 24/7 is not required.
    • Notify us once a power station has had an outage or damaged components that cause an impact to generation. We will inform if further action is required.
    • A 'significant outage' refers to instances where there has been a whole power station outage for 3 days or more.
    • A 'minor outage' refers to instances such as single day outages, or solar panels going offline or needing repair.
  • Inform the Clean Energy Regulator if the conditions at the power station significantly change, such as generation capacity.
  • Once LGC entitlement has been calculated using Solar Irradiance methodology, it cannot be varied by the nominated person unless there was a fault in the power station's generation.
  • For systems that are managed by a party other than the owner, the nominated person for the power station is required to inform all stakeholders that they have opted-in to using the Solar Irradiance methodology to determine LGC entitlement.
  • You are subject to compliance requirements of maintaining accreditation in the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target scheme.
    • Advise the CER of any changes to your power station's components and apply to vary your power station's accreditation.
    • Advise the CER if the owner, operator or nominated person for your power station changes, and apply to vary the nominated person if required.
    • Each power station must submit an annual electricity generation return, showing that it maintained compliance with its permit conditions.

See compliance and reporting for further information.

Participants have the same responsibilities as when submitting LGCs without the Solar Irradiance method. Operating the Solar Irradiance methodology for a power station may be discontinued without prior notice at the CER's discretion. The nominated person for the power station will revert to a meter-based method if the Solar Irradiance methodology is discontinued.

For eligibility queries, contact us.

How to participate in the Solar Irradiance methodology

New solar power stations can opt-in to the Solar Irradiance methodology by lodging an accreditation application together with the Solar Irradiance methodology application form. If your power station is already accredited, you may send through an application form to opt-in to the methodology.

Registering an existing power station

Follow the steps below to opt-in:

  1. Download documentasset: application form.
  2. Provide the information requested for the power station you want to opt-in.
  3. Sign the declaration and submit to
  4. If you are a new power station, submit both the application for accreditation and the Solar Irradiance methodology application in the REC Registry.

The CER will use information supplied during accreditation to assess eligibility.

Your power station will be switched to the Solar Irradiance methodology if approved and you will be notified.

Your power station requires a minimum of 3 months meter data before it can be moved to the Solar Irradiance methodology. This meter data is required to ensure that there are no issues that would prevent operation in the methodology.

You will automatically continue to operate under the Solar Irradiance methodology until you choose to opt-out, or until the date you have specified on the application form. Power stations can apply to opt-out at any time after the power station has participated for a minimum of three months. Applications will be processed at the end of the calendar year. To opt-out, email with the power station name and accreditation code.

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