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Before submitting a claim for large-scale generation certificates

18 October 2018

Requirement to change REC Registry account permissions

If you are the account administrator in the REC Registry, you will need to log into your account and update the permissions for all users in the account who will be entering generation data and creating large-scale generation certificates (LGCs). Please ensure that you have selected (ticked) ‘enter generation data’ and ‘create LGCs’ for all relevant users.

If you do not update account permissions for each user, they will be unable to enter generation data and will not be able to complete LGC claims.

When can you create LGCs?

The nominated person for an accredited power station can create LGCs for eligible electricity by submitting a claim for LGCs. Claims are based on monthly electricity generation. Most nominated persons submit claims monthly, quarterly or annually.

  • All LGCs must be created by the end of the calendar year (31 December) after the electricity was generated.
    • For example, for electricity generated in the 2018 calendar year, large-scale generation certificates must be created on or before 31 December 2019.

Pre-creation checks

Before creating and registering LGCs, you must:

If you are creating LGCs for the first time (first generation)

You must submit your response to the standard validation questions for first LGC claims and upload your response alongside your first claim in the REC Registry.

Preparing correct documentation and information to support your LGC claim

Ensure you have prepared the correct documentation to upload to the REC Registry to support the creation of certificates, including:

  • generation data (recorded by electricity meters) which accurately measures the amount of electricity generation by the power station (for example, half hourly interval metered data)
  • for power stations using multiple fuel sources:
    • supporting evidence to show how much electricity is generated from each fuel source. This could be:
      • meter data, or
      • quantity of each fuel consumed (by volume or weight) and the characteristics of the fuels, such as the calorific (heating) value and moisture content.
  • for some biomass fuel sources, additional documentation may be required. This could include:
    • auditable trail of documentation for the origin of the fuel sources used at the power station
    • the quantity of fuel consumed, and
    • characteristics of the fuels, such as the calorific (heating) value and moisture content.
  • any other documentation that may assist to calculate and verify the amount of eligible electricity generated and auxiliary power consumed by the power station, in accordance with your LGC methodology.

For each LGC claim you will also need to ensure you have the following information:

  • power station name
  • generation year
  • generation month
  • fuel source/s, and
  • number of LGCs to create.

For further information see the step-by-step guide to creating LGCs and guide to registering LGCs in the REC Registry.


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