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Large-scale generation certificates

16 July 2019

The nominated person for an accredited power station may create large-scale generation certificates (LGCs) for eligible electricity generated by the power station. Eligible electricity is electricity generated from the power station’s renewable energy sources.

One LGC can be created per megawatt hour (MWh) of eligible electricity generated by a power station. The amount of electricity generated by a power station is to be worked in accordance with the large-scale generation certificate general formula.

A nominated person can create LGCs by submitting a ‘claim’ for LGCs in the REC Registry. Once a claim for LGCs has been received, the Clean Energy Regulator determines the eligibility of LGCs created (this process is called the ‘validation’ process), and will register eligible LGCs in the REC Registry.

Registered LGCs can be sold or transferred to entities with liabilities under the Renewable Energy Target or other companies looking to voluntarily surrender LGCs. Liable entities are companies (mainly electricity retailers) that are required to purchase and surrender LGCs to the Clean Energy Regulator each year in fulfilment of their obligations under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000.

LGCs are sold to liable entities (and other companies or individuals) in the market at a price determined by agreement between those parties.

Find out more about buying and selling LGCs.

LGC claims: five steps for creating and registering LGCs

Using the REC registry

The REC Registry facilitates the creation, registration, transfer and surrender of large-scale generation certificates and small-scale technology certificates.

Requirement to change REC Registry account permissions

If you are the account administrator in the REC Registry, you will need to log into your account and update the permissions for all users in the account who will be entering generation data and creating LGCs. Please ensure that you have selected (ticked) ‘enter generation data’ and ‘create LGCs’ for all relevant users.

If you do not update account permissions for each user, they will be unable to enter generation data and will not be able to complete LGC claims.

The nominated person for an accredited power station can create LGCs for eligible electricity by submitting a claim in REC Registry. Claims are based on monthly electricity generation. All large-scale generation certificates must be created by the end of the calendar year (31 December) after the electricity was generated.

Most nominated persons submit claims monthly, quarterly or annually.

This steps below set out what is involved in making and processing an LGC claim. Visit the links in each step for detailed guidance.

Step one: before submitting a claim for LGCs

Step two: adding power station generation data

Review the guide to adding power station generation data in the REC registry.

Step three: creating LGCs

Review the guide to creating LGCs in the REC Registry.

Step four: LGC assessment and validation by the Clean Energy Regulator

Review information on LGC validation and failure of LGCs.

Step five: registering LGCs by paying LGC creation fee

Review information on registering LGCs in the REC registry.

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