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Requirements for upgrading a small generation unit to a power station

25 February 2019
RET ​​​​

Requirements apply to applications being made for power stations where ​there is a pre-existing small generation unit (SGU) at the site.

If a pre-existing SGU has had small-scale technology certificates created under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme ​(SRES) - the SGU is referred to as a 'credited pre-existing SGU'.

When additional capacity is added to a credited pre-existing SGU (resulting in total system capacity of more than 100 kW), the credited pre-existing SGU and additional capacity will be taken together to form a single power station.

Please note, small-scale technology certificates created from pre-existing SGUs not validated by the Clean Energy Regulator cannot be recreated if additional capacity has been installed, such that the system no longer meets the definition of an SGU (by taking the system capacity to greater than 100 kW). This applies whether or not an application for power station accreditation has been made or approved, with respect to the expanded system.

Application requirements

Applications for accreditation of these power stations need to meet the following requirements.

  • The application must include details of the components for both the pre-existing SGU and the additional Large-scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET) components. All components should be identified on an electrical single line diagram. For more information, see Components and electrical single line diagram.
  • The Clean Energy Regulator uses the power station name in the REC Registry to identify that it is an upgraded pre-existing SGU and to assist with processing large-scale generation certificates (LGCs) claims. Please use the following naming convention for upgraded SGU systems:
    • Power station name - Solar w SGU - State.
  • The application must demonstrate that the whole power station is operated in accordance with all relevant Commonwealth, state, territory and local government planning and approval requirements.
  • The capacity of the power station is the sum of both the credited pre-existing SGU and the additional LRET components. LGCs can only be created for electricity generated from the additional capacity and must not be created in respect of electricity generated by the credited pre-existing SGU.

Large-scale generation certificate eligibility

Once an upgraded system is accredited as a power station, nominated persons must not claim LGCs for electricity generated from a credited pre-existing SGU that is a part of a power station.

To provide assurance that claims are only being made for electricity from the expanded LRET capacity, LRET components of the power station should be metered separately to the credited pre-existing SGU components. If the LRET capacity is not metered separately, nominated persons must demonstrate how they are accurately measuring electricity that forms the basis of LGC claims.

The Clean Energy Regulator has processes to identify power stations that invalidly claim LGCs for electricity generated from credited pre-existing SGUs.

For more information about defining a device and boundaries, see defining small scale and large-scale solar systems. This can assist in determining whether multiple SGUs or power stations at the same address or site should be considered separately or collectively under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme and LRET​.

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