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6 steps to power station accreditation

03 October 2022

These '6 steps to power station accreditation' set out the process for power stations applying to be accredited under the Renewable Energy Target (RET) by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER).

Power stations that generate electricity from an eligible renewable energy source can be accredited to participate in the RET if they meet the specified requirements and eligibility criteria.

Once a power station has been accredited, large-scale generation certificates (LGCs) can be created for electricity generated from the power station's renewable energy sources. LGCs can only be created for generation that occurs on and after the accreditation start date. LGCs can then be sold to liable entities under the RET, or other parties.

Power stations can apply for accreditation until 2030 when the Renewable Energy Target is legislated to end.

Applications for power station accreditation are managed through the online Renewable Energy Certificate Registry (REC Registry) system.

Only a 'registered person' can make an application for power station accreditation. Accordingly, you must first apply to be a registered person before making an application for accreditation.

It is important to identify the correct person to apply to become the registered person. The person applying to be a registered person can be an individual, business or other legal person, and must be either an owner or operator of the power station.

If there are multiple owners/operators, the person who registers will become the 'nominated person' upon accreditation, regardless of how many owners there are. The nominated person has the right to create LGCs and will be responsible for meeting Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 (REE Act) obligations.

The nominated person

After a power station is accredited, the registered person who applied on behalf of the power station becomes the nominated person:

  • There can only be one nominated person for each power station.
  • The nominated person is the only person who can create LGCs for a power station.
  • The nominated person is responsible for ongoing compliance with the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 (REE Act), including the annual provision of an electricity generation return (EGR).

How to apply to become a registered person

Applications to become a registered person are made through the REC Registry. The type of account you will need to apply for is a 'registered person' account. An application to become a registered person is made under section 10 of the REE Act.

Criteria for registration

To become a registered person, the CER must be satisfied that you meet the criteria of being a fit and proper person. For further information on how this assessment is made, please refer to the CER's Fit and Proper Person posture and Regulation 3L of the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Regulations 2001 (REE Regulations). You must ensure the person selected to be the registered person is the correctly described and defined legal person.

Timeframes and fees

It may take up to 6 weeks for your registered person application to be assessed by the CER.

A registration fee, paid via the REC Registry, is required to complete the registration process.

More information

The Large-scale Renewables team are available to provide technical help please contact us, email or call 1300 553 542.

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