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How to register as an agent

08 March 2023

Before applying to register as an agent you must understand:

To apply to become a registered agent with the Clean Energy Regulator (CER), you must complete:

  1. the SRES Smart online program to show you understand your obligations under the scheme
  2. an online application through the REC Registry, which is accessed by logging into your Client Portal account.

Step-by-step process

1. Complete SRES Smart

  1. Access the Client Portal where you can login or click on 'Sign-up now' to create an account.
  2. Once you are logged in, select 'SRES Smart' from the 'My Systems' tab to be directed to the SRES Smart site.
  3. Once you select 'Course Catalogue', then select the enrol button under the 'SRES Smart' course. Follow the prompts to access the course content.
  4. Complete all modules including knowledge checks and the self-assessment tool.
  5. You must pass each knowledge check by receiving a mark of at least 80% within 5 attempts.

It can take up to 30 minutes for your successful completion of SRES Smart to appear in the REC Registry.

2. Complete a REC Registry application

Apply for a REC Registry account

Applicants must create a Client Portal account which requires an email address unique to each user. The Client Portal allows you to access online forms, agency-based systems and other important information.

You must be logged into your Client Portal account to lodge a REC Registry application. Next, select the 'Renewable Energy Target' link in the ribbon at the top of the page.

Select 'apply for an account', then select 'Registered person' and 'Registered agent'. To buy or sell certificates through the STC clearing house, select the 'STC clearing house' account type (general accounts are selected by default).

To apply for a Registered person account you must:

  • supply the relevant proof of identity documentation
  • complete a questionnaire
  • declare your status as a 'fit and proper person'.

Proof of identity information is also required for STC clearing house accounts.

You should have all necessary proof of identity documentation on hand. This includes the applicable bank account information if you're applying for an STC clearing house account. If you are unable to complete the process it will need to be restarted.

Complete each section of the application as required and select 'submit'.

Upgrading to registered agent REC Registry account

If you have an existing registered person account in the REC Registry and would like to upgrade to become a registered agent you must have completed the SRES Smart course before submitting this application.

Log in to your REC Registry account via the Client Portal then select:

  1. My account
  2. Account applications
  3. Upgrade account
  4. Registered agent account type
    • if you wish to buy or sell certificates through the STC clearing house also select 'STC clearing house' account type
  5. Submit.

You do not need proof of identity information as this has already been verified.

What happens after you apply?

CER may take up to 6 weeks to assess your application to become a registered agent.

Once your application is approved and you have been granted access to the REC Registry, you will be required to pay an agent registration fee. Registration fees should be paid when you first log in and must be paid before certificates can be created.

As an agent with CER, you can:

  • create STCs for eligible installations where the right to create STCs has been correctly assigned to you by the system owner
  • transfer registered STCs
  • voluntarily surrender STCs
  • use the bulk upload function to create STCs for multiple installations
  • create additional users in your account and provide them with permissions to perform functions in the REC Registry.

You will need to successfully complete SRES Smart to activate STC creation permissions. This includes registering and bulk registering small-scale renewable energy systems.

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