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Installer on-site documentation requirements

16 January 2024



All accredited installers are required to collect on-site evidence as part of their compliance paperwork. This is relevant for all solar photovoltaic (PV) installations claiming small-scale technology certificates (STCs).

In compliance with 20AC(5)​(f)(iii) of the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Regulations 2001, installers are required to obtain evidence of their presence on site at all three stages of the installation:

  • job set up
  • mid-installation check-up
  • testing and commissioning.

These 3 stages are detailed in Section 3.1.1 of the Clean Energy Council design and install guidelines (CEC guidelines). Installers must comply with CEC guidelines for the system to be eligible to claim STCs.

The CEC guidelines stipulate that an accredited person must only sign off on solar PV systems where they have installed the system themselves, or supervised the installation by others. If the accredited person is supervising the installation by others, they must physically attend the site during all 3 stages of installation. Evidence of this​ must be collected for every installation.

Agents should ensure this evidence is being collected as part of routine compliance paperwork prior to registering for STCs.


Section 20AC(5)(f)(iii) of the Regulations states that certificates cannot be created on a PV system without evidence, such as photographs from the installer of the unit, demonstrating that they were on site. Accredited installers must be able to demonstrate that they have met on-site attendance requirements before STCs can be validated.​

Photographic evidence should:

  • clearly show the accredited installers face (for example, not wearing glasses or hats)
  • contain appropriate date and time metadata and geolocation of the installation
  • demonstrate the 3 distinct stages of installation in the background of each photo. For example:
    • the setup photo may include the installer with the letterbox or front of the property
    • the mid-installation photo may include the installer with visible racking on the roof
    • the testing and commissioning photo may include the installer with all panels clearly visible or the fully installed inverter.
  • match the dates and times of other compliance paperwork, for example, certificate of electrical safety and installation date on STC assignment forms.

The timing interval of each photo provided should be consistent with the overall time it would take to install the system from start to finish. The STC claim may be denied if the evidence provided does not demonstrate the 3 distinct stages of installation. Supplementary explanation should be provided if the installation has been completed slower or faster than expected under normal installation conditions.

Multiple installers at a single installation

Solar PV installations can be conducted by multiple accredited installers. The CER requires certain information in these circumstances prior to installation.

The accredited installer that finalises the testing and commission phases is required to sign the installer statement for the complete installation. Their name must be listed as the installer on the STC claim form.

All accredited installers must have photographic evidence of their presence at the relevant stage of the installation. For example, if 3 installers completed the job then there should be 3 photographs of the 3 different installers at the 3 different stages of installation. These photos must be provided on request.

The accredited installer listed on the STC claim form is responsible for ensuring the whole installation is compliant with all relevant standards. They will be expected to respond to any inspection findings.

The CER will use this evidence when assessing the eligibility of an STC claim.

There are certain requirements which must be met when it is not reasonable for an accredited installer to complete the whole installation, and the system will be registered as a Small Generation Unit. These include:

  • all installers are accredited to install solar PV systems
  • all installers need to have an electrical license (including contractor license as required by state law) for all phases of the installation
  • the CER must be notified of the following in writing prior to the change of installer:
    • details of the installation (for example, address, date, size)
    • details of each installer (for example, name and accreditation number)
    • rationale for the change of installer.
  • Note: The CER will consider the eligibility of each system on a case-by-case basis. This includes instances where it is not practical or possible for notification to be provided prior to the installation.

  • the CER approval to register the system is referenced in the notes field of the claim
  • agents must collect on-site evidence from all accredited installers to demonstrate their part of the installation
  • Important: The claim may be denied if this evidence is not provided for all installers.

  • the installer who commissions the installation is required to sign the declaration for being on site.

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