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Guide to adding power station generation data in the REC Registry

13 February 2023

This is a step-by-step guide on how to add generation data in the REC Registry in support of a claim for large-scale generation certificates (LGCs) for an accredited power station. The submitting a LGC claim application video shows nominated persons how to enter generation data in the REC Registry.

To add power station generation data in the REC Registry:

  1. Open the REC Registry.

  2. Enter your username and password. Click the 'Login' button. Your REC Registry account summary page will be displayed.

  3. From the left hand menu, navigate to 'Renewable energy systems', then click 'Power stations'.

  4. Locate the appropriate power station in the table and click the 'Update generation data' link in the right hand column.

  5. In the section 'Power station summary', select the relevant generation year from the drop-down menu (the current year will be selected automatically).

  6. In the table under the selected year's generation data, click on the relevant 'month' link that you are entering generation data for.

  7. The 'Power station data and apportioning of LGCs' page will display.

  8. Enter generation details:

    • TLEG (MWh) - total amount of electricity, in megawatt hours (MWh), generated by the power station in the generation month.

    • FSL (MWh) - amount of electricity (if any), in MWh, generated by the power station in the generation month using ineligible energy sources, such as fossil fuels.

    • Imported AUX (MWh) - the auxiliary loss is the electricity, in MWh, used in the process of generating electricity and for the operation and maintenance of the power station, for the generation month. This will include any imported electricity used by the power station.

    • All values must be correct to four decimal places (where possible from your measurement devices).

  9. The following fields form part of the LGC calculation and are pre-populated and are not editable by nominated persons:

    • DLEG (MWh) - the amount of electricity, in MWh, transmitted or distributed by the power station in the year. The DLEG (MWh) field is automatically calculated.

    • MLF - the marginal loss factor, is applied to allow for electricity losses in transmission networks. The MLF field can only be edited by the Clean Energy Regulator. If you believe an incorrect MLF is being applied, contact the Clean Energy Regulator.

  10. The 'Eligible LGCs' field will be automatically calculated using the values above, and will carry forward any eligible generation from the previous month that could not be claimed because it did not amount to a whole MWh of electricity. Please note, carry-over does not apply across calendar years. If your power station has a baseline above zero, any generation below your annual baseline will be removed and accordingly will not appear in this field.

    Enter the quantity of LGCs under the appropriate fuel source - this will be equal to the number of eligible LGCs for power stations using a single fuel source.

    For power stations using multiple fuel sources, eligible LGC must be apportioned across fuel sources. The LGCs must be apportioned to each fuel source based on the generation attributable to that fuel source in accordance with your LGC methodology. The LGC quantities entered for each fuel source must equal the total number of eligible LGCs.

  11. You must upload supporting documentation that demonstrates the eligible electricity generation being claimed. This includes interval metered data (including calculations supporting the relevant components of general formula entered in the fields above), wood waste assessment sheets and standard validation questions (for first LGC claims).

    To upload supporting documentation:

    1. Click on the 'Drop files here to upload' field to select your supporting documents to upload.

    2. To delete a file, select the uploaded files checkbox and the click the 'Delete' button

      Acceptable file types for supporting documents include file types such as .csv, excel, word and zip files up to 10 MB. A notification will be display if you try to upload a non-supported file.

  12. Click the 'Save' button.​ You cannot proceed to create your LGCs until you have saved the data on this page.

You are now ready to create LGCs. You can navigate directly to the create LGC page for the corresponding month directly after entering your power station generation data by clicking the 'Create LGCs' button.


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