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Individuals and small businesses claiming small-scale technology certificates

04 March 2022

Under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, eligible small-scale renewable energy systems are entitled to a number of small-scale technology certificates (STCs).


Assigning the right to create STCs to a registered agent

The majority of system owners choose to assign the right to STCs to a registered agent, as receiving an upfront financial benefit is often a simpler process, and faster than creating and trading the certificates independently through the open market or STC clearing house. Registered agents who claim STCs have different document requirements for small-scale system installations to system owners claiming STCs.

Document requirements for small generation units

If you are a system owner claiming STCs yourself, the following documents are required:

Solar PV installations on or after 1 April 2022

  • Written compliance statements, using documentasset:Sample designer and installer written statement, from the accredited designer and installer of the unit confirming:
    • all relevant design and install requirements for the accreditation scheme under which they are accredited have been met
    • all local, state and territory requirements have been met
    • the installer has a copy of the design and the system was installed to meet the design or modified the design in accordance with the requirements of the accreditation scheme
    • that the electrical work was undertaken by an electrical worker holding an unrestricted licence and that relevant documentation required by the jurisdiction has been provided to the system owner
    • all on-site attendance requirements have been met and they have evidence demonstrating attendance, and,
    • approved PV modules and inverters were used in the installation
  • A written statement, using documentasset:Sample solar retailer written statement, by the solar retailer confirming:
    • the name of the installer and whether the installer is an employee or subcontractor of the solar retailer
    • that the system will perform in accordance with the contract except to the extent that the performance is prevented by circumstances outside the retailer’s control
    • that the unit is complete and generating, or is capable of generating, electricity
    • that if the unit is grid connected that the unit is connected to the grid, or the solar retailer has completed its obligations under the contract in relation to the unit’s grid connection
    • that information about feed-in tariffs and export limits relevant for the system have been provided in writing to the owner
    • that information on the expected payback period, energy or cost savings for the unit has been provided in writing to the system owner
    • that the information in the statement is true, complete and correct
    • that any actual or potential conflicts of interest of the solar retailer have been managed appropriately, and
    • that a declaration by the agency that the solar retailer is not eligible to make written statements of STC eligibility is not in effect on the day the statement is given.
  • If requested, information demonstrating that the inverter serial number(s) entered into the REC Registry is the serial number(s) of the inverter(s) installed at the address, such as a clear photo of the barcode label or sticker, obtained from the inverter label. Inverter barcodes that have been scanned from cargo manifests or similar do not demonstrate the installation of panels. It is recommended that these photos are taken at the time of installation to avoid returning to site after installation and delays in processing.

Solar PV installations on or before 31 March 2022

All solar PV installations

  • A certificate of electrical safety or certificate of compliance, provided to you by your installer.
  • An invoice for your system, provided to you by your installer.
  • If requested, information demonstrating that the serial numbers entered into the REC Registry are the serial numbers of solar panels installed at the address, such as a clear photo of the barcode label or sticker, obtained from the solar panel label. It is recommended that these photos are taken at the time of installation as the Clean Energy Regulator does not encourage homeowners to climb on roofs to take photographs of serial numbers. Any inspection of panels on roofs should only ever be completed by a Clean Energy Council accredited installer or licensed electrician.

Small-scale wind and hydro systems will require installer compulsory written statements, an electrical safety certificate and invoice for pre and post 1 April 2022 installations.

Document requirements for solar water heaters or air source heat pumps

  • A certificate of compliance or equivalent, provided to you by your installer, and
  • An invoice for your system provided to you by your installer or a date stamped photograph of the tank.
  • If you are installing a system with a capacity greater than 700 litres you are required under the SRES to submit 2 statutory declarations to the agency prior to creating STCs

Submitting your documents

All paperwork must be completed and signed before creating small-scale technology certificates. The Clean Energy Regulator may request this paperwork at any time during the small-scale technology certificate validation process.

All supporting documentation including statutory declarations must be provided to the Clean Energy Regulator during the registration of STCs.

You are able to upload documents into the REC Registry at the time of submitting your application using the document upload functionality. This will reduce your need to contact us throughout the STC claim process and potentially expedite the assessment process. The document upload function within the online form is currently only available for small generation units it is not available for solar water heaters and air source heat pumps.

Please note your application may be failed if you are unable to provide additional information to support your claim for STCs.

The documents outlined on this page are designed to assist you to ensure you have collected all the necessary information to create small-scale technology certificates under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 and the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Regulations 2001.

Failure to complete the documentation on this page may result in:

  • small-scale technology certificates being failed and unable to be traded or sold in the market
  • a warning issued and further education in response to first or minor offences
  • suspension from participating in the scheme for ongoing or serious offences, and
  • civil or criminal prosecution, if required.

If you need more information regarding the documentation you need to provide, or are unable to provide part of this documentation, please contact us.

Documents on this page Documents on this page

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