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Large-scale Renewable Energy Target

15 September 2023

The Renewable Energy Target consists of 2 certificate schemes, the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET) and Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES).

The LRET incentivises the development of renewable energy power stations in Australia through a Renewable Energy Certificate Market for the creation and sale of certificates called large-scale generation certificates (LGCs).

LRET-accredited power stations can create LGCs for electricity generated from that power station's renewable energy sources. LGCs can then be sold to:

  • Liable entities under the RET (mainly electricity retailers) who are required to buy LGCs from the market and surrender these certificates to the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) on an annual basis. The number of LGCs required to be submitted by liable entities is set each year through the renewable power percentage.
  • Companies and individuals looking to support their claims about reducing emissions, using renewable electricity, or by surrendering offsets such as ACCUs.

The accreditation of power stations and creation of LGCs continues under the LRET until 2030.

Learn more about applying to be an accredited power station.

If you are unsure which scheme suits you best, visit Eligibility for the Renewable Energy Target.

Participating in the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target

Applying for accreditation

Power stations that generate electricity from an eligible renewable energy source can apply to participate in the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET) by applying to become an accredited power station.

For further information on how to participate in the LRET, refer to the 6 steps to power station accreditation. This begins with applying to become a registered person, and submitting a complete power station accreditation application.

Creating LGCs

Once a power station has been accredited, it can create LGCs for electricity generated from eligible renewable energy sources.

Please note:

  • One LGC can be created for one MWh of eligible electricity generated by the power station.
  • LGCs can be created on a monthly basis, throughout the year, or created annually.

For further information, see large-scale generation certificates.

Maintaining accreditation


You will need to advise the CER of any changes to your power station's components and apply to vary your power station's accreditation.

You will need to advise the CER if the owner, operator or nominated person for your power station changes, and apply to vary the nominated person if required.

Electricity generation return (EGR)

Every year, each power station must submit an annual electricity generation return, including information showing that it maintained compliance with its permit conditions.

For further information, see compliance and reporting.

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