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14 June 2022

Apply for a REC Registry account

The Clean Energy Regulator (the agency) recommends that prior to applying for a REC Registry account you familiarise yourself with the types of accounts available.

Applicants must first create a Client Portal account which requires an email address unique to each user. The Client Portal will enable you to access to online forms, agency-based systems and other important information via a single sign on process.

To lodge a REC Registry application ensure you are logged into your Client Portal account, then select the Renewable Energy Target link in the ribbon at the top of the page.

Select 'Apply for an account', then select the type of account/s you are applying for (General accounts are selected by default).

Applicants applying for Registered person account will be required to supply relevant proof of identity documentation, complete a questionnaire, and declare their status as a 'fit and proper person'. Proof of identity information is also required for STC clearing house accounts.

Applicants seeking to be Registered agents must also complete the SRES Smart course prior to submitting their application.

Note: As applications cannot be saved before you begin the Registered person application process you should ensure you have all necessary proof of identity documentation and if applying for an STC clearing house account applicable bank account information on hand. If you are unable to complete the process it will need to be restarted.

Carefully complete each section of the application as required and select 'Submit'.

Once you have successfully submitted your REC Registry account application, you will receive on screen confirmation listing the application numbers as well as an email sent to your email address.

The agency may take up to six weeks to assess a complete application to become a registered person or Registered agent outside of peak processing periods

On completion of the assessment process applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application via email.

Approved Registered person and Registered agent accounts require fees to be paid before they become active, and certificates can be created.

Managing your REC Registry account

REC Registry Account administrators can verify and update their own permissions

  • Log into your REC Registry account through the Client Portal
  • Click on 'My account'
  • Click on 'Manage users
  • Search for your user account
  • Select Username link
  • Select Update permissions
  • Select the permissions you need to add or remove
  • Select Update

Adding users to an existing REC Registry account

This step must be performed by an Account Administrator.

  • Log into your REC Registry account through the Client Portal
  • Click on 'My account'.
  • Select 'Manage users'.
  • Select 'Create user' and enter their Client Portal account email address
  • Click on 'Create user' to confirm.
  • When the new user has been created you will be prompted to select the user's permissions by selecting each checkbox for the required permissions.
  • When complete click on 'Update' to confirm.

Registered agent REC Registry users

Registered agent REC Registry users must successfully complete SRES Smart before any permissions to create small-scale technology certificates (STCs) are activated.

Change of REC Registry account administrator

Where a change of REC Registry account administrator is required, and the current account administrator is unavailable please submit documentasset:Form CER-RET-031 Appointing a new account administrator. Please be aware that for bodies corporate the completed must be signed by an executive officer.

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