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Frequently asked questions

22 September 2023

I need help to open an ANREU account. What do I do?

The documentasset:How to open an ANREU account guidance document provides information on how to open an ANREU account. If you still need help, please contact us.

I can’t verify my identity document digitally in the Register an Individual form. What do I do?

Only Australian citizens or residents can use the digital identity verification service. For each document, detailed help is available by clicking on the icon. Ensure you enter the details from the document into the form, in the prescribed format. Note: If a person had an identity document possibly compromised in a separate data breach, the identity document may have been automatically added to the Government’s Credential Protection Register, which prevents it from being used online for digital identity verification purposes. If you’re still having trouble, you can contact us.

My personal information has changed, what do I do?

For security reasons you are unable to update your personal details in ANREU. If you need to change your details in ANREU you will need to complete a form to vary an authorised representative for an ANREU account.

Our company's name has changed—what do we need to do to meet our obligations under the ANREU Act?

If only the company name has changed and all other details are the same (including the ABN/ACN), a certified copy of the ASIC Change of Registration on Change of Name Certificate should be emailed with a request to have the company name changed in ANREU to the system administrator at

Please note that a person who is a registered holder of an ANREU account must notify the Clean Energy Regulator of any changes within 28 business days of changes taking place.

What reports are available and how can I access them?

The Kyoto Protocol requires Australia to maintain a list of entities authorised by the Government to participate in international emissions trading and to make that list available through ANREU. Australia is also required to make certain information publicly available, and to provide a publicly accessible user interface through the internet that allows people to query and view the information. All reports available can be found on the ANREU public reports page.

Can you provide contact details or other information about the authorised representatives of accounts?

Personal information of account representatives, including their names, addresses, and email and phone and fax numbers, is confidential and is not published, in accordance with ANREU Regulations.

How do I close my account?

All units must be transferred or cancelled from an account before an account can be closed. A request to close an account can be submitted to the system administrator via email

How do I complete transactions using an ANREU account?

For step by step instructions on how to use an ANREU account please refer to the user guide Managing Units in the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units.

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