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Safeguard facility reported emissions 2021-22

31 March 2023


The Safeguard Mechanism applies to all facilities that emit more than 100,000 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e) emissions in a financial year (the reporting year). Emissions from covered facilities are reported through the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme, by 31 October following each financial year.

Responsible Emitters for covered facilities must ensure that they are not in an excess emissions situation on or after 1 March following each reporting year.  Responsible Emitters have several options to manage any excess emissions.

The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) is required to publish information about all covered facilities for each reporting year. Information published includes the baseline emissions number in force for that year, total reported emissions, the Responsible Emitter(s) for each facility, and any Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) surrendered.

Under the Safeguard Mechanism, the CER is also required to publish emissions for grid-connected electricity generator facilities. See electricity sector emissions and generation data for more information.

2021-22 Reporting year summary

Facilities covered under the Safeguard Mechanism219
Combined covered emissions (million tonnes CO2-e)137.5
Multi-year monitoring periods in place31
ACCUs surrendered (total)738,862

Notes about this publication

Baseline number:

  • If a facility has had more than one calculated baseline determination made, the most recently made one will be the baseline that is ‘current’.
  • Baselines that are withheld may be pending the submission of an application, or a decision under, section 25 of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 (NGER Act).

Multi-year monitoring period determinations:

  • Under section 65 of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (Safeguard Mechanism) Rule 2015 (Safeguard Rule), Responsible Emitters may apply to the CER for a multi-year monitoring period (MYMP) to be declared in relation to a facility.
  • At the end of a MYMP, the baseline for the facility is calculated by dividing the total of the baselines that would apply to the facility in each year of the MYMP, by the total number of days in the MYMP. This single baseline applies to the 2 or 3-year period. For MYMPs that ended in 2021-22, the aggregate baseline is displayed in the ‘MYMP baseline number’ column.
    • For facilities that are partway through a MYMP, the ‘MYMP baseline number’ column will show as n/a.
    • For data about the baseline that would apply to a facility for each year of the MYMP, see the Multi-year monitoring period table.
  • For facilities that have a MYMP in place, the net emissions number is the total covered emissions from the facility over the entire 2- or 3-year period, plus or minus any ACCUs issued or surrendered over the period. The ‘MYMP net emissions number’ will be populated for facilities with MYMPs that ended in 2021-22.
    • This column will show as ‘n/a’, until the MYMP has been completed.
    • For data about the covered emissions reported for each year of the MYMP, see the Multi-year monitoring period table.
  • Amendments made to the Safeguard Rule in response to COVID-19 also included allowing Responsible Emitters to opt-in to extend a MYMP that ceased on 1 July 2020, by 1 year.

Baseline variations due to global warming potential updates:

  • under section 56 of the Safeguard Rule, the CER must vary any type of baseline to account for updates in relation to global warming potentials, with effect from the start of the relevant financial year.

ACCUs issued at a Safeguard facility:

  • to avoid counting offsets twice, a facility that is covered by the Safeguard Mechanism and generates ACCUs under the Emissions Reduction Fund will have any ACCUs that are issued during a financial year added to its net emissions number
  • this means that an affected Safeguard facility’s net emissions number will be the total amount of covered emissions for the year, plus the total amount of ACCUs issued, minus any ACCUs surrendered.
  • if ACCUs are then delivered under an ERF contract that were generated at a Safeguard facility during the same financial year, that facility’s net emissions number is reduced by the number of ACCUs delivered under the contract
  • for more information about ACCUs and their role in the Safeguard Mechanism see Using ACCUs to offset emissions

The CER takes all reasonable efforts to ensure the information published on its website is accurate at the time of publication.

2021-22 Safeguard facilities data

The table below is a list of facilities covered under the Safeguard Mechanism for the 2021-22 reporting year.

Downloadable version of the data table

documentasset:2021-22 Safeguard facility data

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