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Designing the Guarantee of Origin

04 December 2023

The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) in partnership with the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (the Department) conducted Guarantee of Origin (GO) trials. These trials ran throughout 2022-2023 in the form of workshops to develop and co-design the GO scheme.

The GO trials brought together stakeholders operating some of Australia's most progressed hydrogen projects and hydrogen derivatives to test design elements for the GO scheme, including metering approaches, reporting frameworks and emission intensity calculation methods. Trial participants reaffirmed that commercialisation of the hydrogen industry would be aided by a high integrity, government-backed GO scheme.

Hydrogen Production Emissions Calculator

To support the GO trials, the CER developed the Hydrogen Production Emissions Calculator, in partnership with GHD. The calculator is a valuable tool to help stakeholders estimate greenhouse gas emissions from the production of hydrogen and consider what information they might need to report when participating in the GO scheme.

Several trial participants successfully used the calculator to estimate well-to-gate emissions for their projects, applying methodologies in line with the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE) guidelines. Results and feedback from trial use of the GO trial calculator have provided a valuable base to refine and extend GO emissions accounting approaches.

The calculator has now moved, and an updated version of the calculator is hosted by the Department of Climate Change, Energy the Environment and Water (the Department). To download the latest version of the calculator and find out more, visit the Department’s GO consultation hub.

Trial findings

Phase 2 F​inal Report

The GO trials phase 2 report is a summary of findings from phase 2 of the GO trials.

Phase 2 wrapped up 12 months of workshops, meetings, and information sharing to test and support the design of the GO scheme. Our workshops with hydrogen and ammonia producers and stakeholders worked through the updated IPHE 2022 guidelines .​

Key findings for phase 2:

  • Participants representing ammonia production and carrier projects indicated strong support for a GO scheme.
  • The methodology applied to GO certificates for ammonia should be robust but flexible.​
  • The inclusion of transport and storage increases the complexity and reporting requirements of product GO certificates.
  • Some carriers have reusable components, for example, a carrying agent can be recycled and returned, which adds complexity to the emissions accounting for certain carriers.
  • Participants confirmed that it was important that any GO methodology be aligned with IPHE methodology to ensure regulation is consistent with international markets.


Phase one Midway R​eport

The GO Midway Report is a summary of findings from phase one of the GO trials. Phase one of the trials involved 19 hydrogen producers and stakeholders using three major production pathways: electrolysis, steam methane reforming and coal gasification.

Phase one ran through the first half of 2022 and focused on scheme settings and design. The aim was to ensure the scheme has integrity, is practical and minimises administrative burden. It also tested the emissions accounting methodologies set out by the IPHE Working Paper.


The hydrogen industry in Australia is emerging, with a significant pipeline of announced projects but few operational commercial scale hydrogen producers. Trial participants reiterated that effective commercialisation would be aided by a high integrity, government-backed GO scheme that can:

  • demonstrate emissions credentials to hydrogen buyers
  • provide market certainty
  • underpin commercial arrangements.


Current trial projects

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