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Establish your project management activities

Project management activities can include sustainable intensification, stubble retention or conversion to pasture. At the same time, you may also carry out land management activities that are not part of the project.

Only one project management activity can be carried out in each CEA. Different eligibility requirements apply to each project management activity about the type and number of management actions that can be carried out. The sections of the method that refer to general management and eligibility requirements are outlined in Table 1.​

Table 1: Summary of requirements and numbers of management actions for a project management activity to be established in a carbon estimation area​

Requirements for
management actions

​​​​Project management activity
​Sustainable intensification​Stubble re​tention​Conversion to pasture
​Number of management actions in a project management activity​

​Two of:

  • nutrient management
  • soil acidity management
  • new irrigation
  • pasture renovation​
​Eligibility requirements for project management activity in addition to Sections 24 and 43–44​Sections 17–21​Section 22​Section 23
​General requirements for project management activity in addition to Sections 24 and 43–44​Sections 25–38​Section 39​Sections 40–42

Once you have established that your proposed soil carbon project is eligible, and you have decided which project management activity you will carry out in each CEA, you need to set up your project management activities so they meet the general requirements of the method. This means that a qualified person must prepare a strategy for each management action, to ensure the actions improve productivity as well as increase soil carbon.

General requirements for all projects (Section 24) include selecting a permanence period for your project. In addition, Section 43 outlines that you cannot clear woody vegetation to prepare a project area (with exceptions, such as clearing woody weeds). Section 44 outlines that eligible projects must implement a new project management activity to store carbon that would not have occurred under business-as-usual operations.

Qualified persons

A qualified person is required to help prepare a management strategy when conducting:

  • nutrient, soil acidity or pasture renovation management actions within a sustainable intensification project management activity
  • a conversion to pasture project management activity.

A qualified person has the training and experience to decide which strategies and testing methods are appropriate for your project. Testing is required if management actions include nutrient management or soil acidity management. The requirements for qualified persons are detailed in the Guidelines—Qualified Person under the Estimating Sequestration of Carbon in Soil Using Default Values Determination.

A qualified laboratory must carry out the tests according to industry best practice so that you can regularly review the success of your management actions. The requirements for appropriate testing are outlined in Section 6 of the method. ​

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