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Auctions and contracts

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28 November 2022

This page provides the guidance material and forms you need to qualify for auction participation and register your project to participate in an auction. It also provides a copy of the standard terms of the Carbon Abatement Contract you will enter into if successful at an auction, and supporting material for the contract.

Auctions guidance

Auction qualification form

Complete this form in the Client Portal to apply to qualify for an Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) auction for the project(s) specified in your application.

This form is also used to make an offer to the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) to enter into a Carbon Abatement Contract on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia relating to the project(s), and providing the commercial terms of that offer.

Auction registration form

Complete this form in the Client Portal to apply to register for an ERF auction for the project(s) covered by your application.

This form is also used to provide the delivery terms of your offer for the project(s) to the CER.

We have developed 2 information sheets to help you plan your delivery schedule and reporting, crediting and permanence periods:

We have also developed a Contract delivery schedule calculator to help you submit your projects on time.

Authorised bidder form

This form can be used to appoint an authorised bidder in addition to the authorised bidder(s) appointed by you when you complete the auction qualification form. You can also use this form to remove any appointed authorised bidder.

An authorised bidder appointed for a participant and a project has the authority to:

  • apply to register the participant for ERF auctions for the project
  • submit the delivery terms for the offer for the project
  • make and withdraw bids and provide the financial terms of the offer for the project at ERF auctions.

Documents for download:

Bidding in an auction for a project(s) is the third stage in establishing your Carbon Abatement Contract. If you wish to bid, you must provide the financial terms of your offer for the project to the CER using the auction bid form.

The CER will email all authorised bidders an Approach to Market identifier (ATM-ID) and passcode. You will need this ATM-ID and passcode to locate and access the auction’s restricted Approach to Market (ATM) in AusTender during the bidding window for the auction. The email will contain the attached and partially pre-populated auction bid form, which will contain:

  1. the Contract Identifier (this identifies the offer to which the bid relates)
  2. authorised bidder name and details.

The only requirement will be to enter the unit price in numbers to complete the auction bid form.

Bidding process once the Auction Qualification and Auction Registration forms have been successfully approved:

  1. Receive bid email with ATM-ID and partially pre-populated bid form.
  2. Complete the bid form by entering the bid price and save it as a word document. Do not print and scan this document as a pdf.
  3. Log onto AusTender using the ATM-ID.
  4. Upload the complete bid form to AusTender.

Auction guidelines

Auction guidelines provide information on how an auction will be conducted and helps you understand the auction process.

We publish guidelines a few months before each auction on participating in an auction.

Contracts guidance

Carbon Abatement Contract – code of common terms

We have developed standard terms for a Carbon Abatement Contract that successful bidders will enter into. These are the code of common terms.

Assignment of Contract

Pro-forma novation and tripartite deeds have been prepared for parties considering novation of the Carbon Abatement Contracts (CAC), or a tripartite agreement.

These are the preferred documents for any novation or tripartite agreements. Sellers must contact the CER before executing these documents.

Documents for download:

Documents on this page Documents on this page

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