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Our people

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05 May 2023


Our purpose

At the Clean Energy Regulator, you’re signing up for a challenging and rewarding workplace. Your purpose will be to accelerate carbon abatement for Australia.

Our workplace

To support the growth of the agency and dedication of our people, we have developed an Employee Value Proposition (EVP). The EVP outlines our plan to maintaining a workplace which promotes collaboration and growth. Attracting, developing, supporting, and retaining skilled talented people is important to the agency in delivering on our unifying theme and purpose.

As part of our EVP, we have developed a Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan 2022-24 which lays out the steps we are taking in embracing difference and equity in the workplace.

documentasset:Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan 2022-24

We have networks dedicated to:

  • cultural and linguistic diversity
  • disability ability wellbeing
  • gender equity
  • health and wellbeing
  • the environment
  • Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • the LGBTQI+ community.

Our staff are the backbone of our organisation, they represent the broad and diverse background of Australian communities. We’d like to introduce you to a selection of our people working ‘behind the scenes’.

Staff Profiles

profile image

Jen Suess

Manager, Recruitment and Workforce Analytics

“CER supports me as a working mum.”

profile image

Shakir Rahman

Assistant Manager, Economic Analysis

“We don't just talk about diversity, we actively promote and celebrate diversity.”

profile image

Michelle McDonald

Regulatory Officer

“It's always very welcoming. I've learnt a lot of new things and that's helped me to flourish.”

profile image

Jessica Swann-Jadwat

Media Officer

profile image

Hua Cheng

Development Manager, Digital Services

“It's a very collaborative environment – I really enjoy working with the team.”

profile image

Steve Pantelidis

Privacy Officer and Information Governance Lead

“It gives me the opportunity to get to know people from across the agency.”

profile image

Eleanor St George

Regulatory Officer

“It's been such a great community to be part of within the public service.”

profile image

Jimmy Stewart

Assistant Manager

"We work hard in a high visibility environment. It's important we support each other."

profile image

Bassem Mekhael

Graphic Designer

“Staff at the agency are passionate, productive, professional and kind”

profile image

Michelle Huang

Senior HR Advisor

“Our people truly are our greatest asset.”

profile image

Andy Gilmour

Manager, Security and Facilities

“My job is to keep everyone in the agency safe and secure.”

profile image

Ruchira Jagtap

Regulatory Officer, RET Branch

“I love working at CER because I get to work in an amazing field: renewable electricity generation.”

profile image

Paul Keighley

Manager, Energy Policy and Partnerships

“The work of our agency is multi-dimensional”

Our openings

Convinced the Clean Energy Regulator is the workplace for you? Head over to our current opportunities to access our recruitment portal.

You can also have a look our LinkedIn for further information on the work we do and the kind of roles we are seeking.

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