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Information for applicants

04 July 2019

This page provides some general information about working at the Clean Energy Regulator, the selection process and things you might find useful when applying for a position here.

It is impossible to include everything you might want, so please contact us if you need any more information.

Working under the Public Service Act 1999

The Clean Energy Regulator is governed by the Public Service Act 1999. There are some eligibility and other legal requirements that you should be aware of when applying.


The Public Service Act 1999 requires all people joining the Australian Public Service to be Australian citizens. The Chief Executive may waive the citizenship requirement in exceptional circumstances. If appropriate, please discuss this with the contact officer before applying for a position.

Security and character checks

We will conduct a number of pre-employment checks before we offer you employment. For us to do this, you will be required to supply certified copies of:

  • full birth certificate
  • marriage certificate (if it shows a name change)
  • decree nisi/decree absolute if associated with a name change
  • deed poll certificate if associated with a name change
  • current passport(s)
  • Australian citizenship certificate
  • photo ID
  • tertiary educational qualification(s) if applicable.

We also require all employees to hold a minimum protected security clearance level. If you do not hold a security clearance at this level (or at a higher level where specified) we will require you to undergo a security check before your employment can be confirmed.

Health assessment

New employees are required to complete a health assessment form.

Share ownership

To avoid any real or perceived conflict of interest, if you are successful in getting the job you are required to disclose any share ownership that is relevant.


Probation means a period of time where your performance is assessed before your employment as an APS employee is confirmed.

Redundancy benefit

There are restrictions on the employment of people who have accepted a redundancy benefit from an Australian Public Service employer.

The selection process

The Clean Energy Regulator recruits staff based on merit, which means that we select the best person for the job. We compare the skills, experience and abilities of each applicant. We use different tools and techniques, such as written applications, interviews and work sample tests to collect the evidence we need to make a merit-based decision.

Suitable applicants with the required skills and experience may be placed on a merit list which will remain open for 12 months from the date the position was advertised in APS Jobs.

For each job advertised, a selection panel is convened. The panel reviews the written applications against the selection criteria and decides whether to assess applicants further through an interview or another assessment technique; and whether or not to follow up with referees.

How to address the selection criteria

Please consider the following information before you commence writing your application:

  • Do you understand the job requirements as set out in the position statement?
  • Have you correctly analysed the job requirements? You do this by phoning the contact officer whose name and phone number is included in the position statement.
  • Are you are a good 'fit' for the role? To do this, ask yourself if you enjoy the type of work on offer and do you have the relevant skills and experience to the job.
  • Have you found out about the Clean Energy Regulator by accessing other information on our website? It is important that you are not only a good fit for the role but are also a good fit for the Clean Energy Regulator.
  • Can you clearly demonstrate (by way of example) how you meet the job requirements?

Your written application will generate the selection panel's first impressions for you. The job description will help you understand the responsibilities and tasks required in the role. The key capabilities describe the personal qualities, skills and knowledge you need to perform the role effectively.

For additional information on how to apply for Australian Public Service roles please read Cracking the Code: How to apply for jobs in the Australian Public Service.

One of the methods you can use to address selection criteria is the STAR method.

SituationSet the context by describing where you used the skills or qualities.
TaskWhat did you do?
ApproachWhat action did you take?
ResultWhat was the outcome?

Further assessment

The selection panel usually, but not always, decides to interview those people who are assessed most highly against the selection criteria. If you are applying from interstate you might be interviewed by telephone.

The selection panel will give you as much notice as possible of your interview date, time and location.

If there is anything you need to help you during this process or you have any individual requirements that need to be accommodated in order to participate in an interview please inform the contact person and detail your requirements in the applicant coversheet.

Late applications

Generally, late applications will not be accepted. If you are not able to lodge a full application by the closing date due to extenuating circumstances, you may discuss your situation with the contact officer. If granted an extension you must ensure that a complete application is forwarded by the date agreed with the contact officer to be considered for the employment opportunity. Applications not received by the agreed date will not be followed up.

Progress of your application

You may ask the contact officer at any time about the progress of your application. The contact officer's details can be found on the job documentation.

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