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Submit a complete power station application for a faster outcome

27 September 2022

Power stations that generate electricity from eligible renewable energy sources can apply to participate in the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET). LRET accredited power stations can create and sell large-scale generation certificates (LGCs) for every one megawatt hour of eligible electricity generated.

The LRET scheme is high in demand, with the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) receiving over 20,000 applications each year – these applications include applying for power station accreditation, making variations to already accredited power stations or claiming LGCs.

It is a legal requirement that applications for accreditation must be 'properly made'. This includes the power station information, supporting documents, fees or any other materials required by the CER to process the application. The level of detail and relevant information will differ with each application type.

We have identified a consistent trend towards applications being submitted without all the required information. Incomplete applications lead to participants, and the CER, spending unnecessary time on applications which cannot be progressed.

To ensure the applications are processed successfully and in a timely manner, it is vital that participants submit applications with all of the required information necessary to make a decision.

To better manage incomplete applications, the CER is taking a more active stance in ensuring applications are properly made in accordance with the legislation. This stance includes:

  1. Applications that are deemed to be incomplete.
    • The CER will not consider applications that are incomplete.
    • The CER will withdraw the application from the processing queue and refund the application fee.
    • The applicant will be given the opportunity to complete and submit a new application to be considered for accreditation.
  2. Applications that are complete or have justified minor omissions.
    • These applications will be accepted by the CER.
    • Once the application has all the required information, a decision can be made on the eligibility for accreditation by the CER.
    • A Request for Further Information (RFI) may be issued for any unclear or outstanding elements.
    • The applicant will be given a 2-week deadline in which they must respond to the RFI, which will pause the 6-week application processing timeframe. In some circumstances there will be an opportunity to agree to a further extension of this deadline, up to a maximum of one month.
    • If an applicant fails to respond to the RFI, and the 6-week processing timeframe elapses, the CER will automatically refuse the application and the application fee will be forfeited. The applicant can submit a formal request to reconsider the decision.

An accreditation start date will be assigned to successful applications and is either the date of first generation for the power station or the date that the application is deemed properly made, whichever is later. The date that an application is properly made will be determined by the CER's assessment of the available information and whether the application satisfies all the requirements of the legislation. If the application is not properly made, it will not be considered by the CER and the power station will not be assigned an accreditation start date.

Please note that applications typically cannot be lodged as a complete application more than a few months ahead of project completion and the commencement of generation as all the information necessary to satisfy the requirements of the legislation may not be available. However, this timeframe may vary for different power stations. Applicants should be aware that information can be collated in an application draft format on the REC Registry prior to final submission to ensure all required information is provided.

More information

Visit Step 3 – Completing and submitting your application of our 6 steps to power station accreditation web page for more information and resources including application completeness checklists.

We provide training for new participants and are available to help existing participants to meet and maintain the compliance requirements. Please contact us if you would like more information.

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