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Our objectives

The following objectives, priorities and key activities provide a comprehensive summary of the work we will do to support vibrant carbon markets and accelerate carbon abatement for Australia. The key activities are mutually reinforcing and outline how we will improve our program delivery and engage with our stakeholders. Key activities are placed under the objective they are key drivers in achieving, and so contribute to achieving our purpose.


The Clean Energy Regulator publishes relevant, accurate and timely data and other information to promote and enhance a well-functioning, vibrant and liquid carbon market and to inform future policy development. In doing so, our agency relies on and supports productive and collaborative relationships across governments, states and territories, and industry and stakeholder bodies.

Priorities and key activities

Planning Priority 1: Pursue relevant initiatives in the Government’s response to the King Report and support other Government priorities, including the Hydrogen Strategy and Technology Roadmap as required, building on the administration of our legislated schemes.

Planning Priority 2: Building our data quality and accessibility while adapting to changing policy, technologies, business models and market behaviours.

Key activities: Change

  • Support businesses to engage in voluntary carbon markets to deliver credible and affordable lower emission products and services to meet business supply chain needs and/or Environmental Social and Governance objectives.
  • Improve the availability, transparency and accuracy of our market data including maintenance and expansion of automated data exchange arrangements with market bodies such as the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).
  • Explore options to move from key data updated monthly on our website to real-time availability for scheme and other market participants.

Key activities: Maintain

  • Assist the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources to implement the Government’s policy agenda, as well as successfully running our current schemes and gearing up for new initiatives.
  • Provide accurate, data-driven advice and estimates, including in relation to the growth in renewables, and building the supply side of the Australian carbon credit units market.
  • Support Distributed Energy Resources initiatives to assist AEMO manage the increasing level of rooftop solar.
  • Maintain and develop the right mix of economic, legal, commercial, problem-solving and technical skills to meet participant and stakeholder needs.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with stakeholders, industry and state and territory governments to understand their priorities and potential interactions with carbon markets and our schemes.
  • Publish information on our website that sets out our expectations of behaviour and how to comply with the law to enable people to make informed decisions about participating in our voluntary schemes.
  • Promote the participation of suitably qualified, competent, capable and compliant participants for our voluntary schemes (Climate Solutions Fund, Emissions Reduction Fund and aspects of the Renewable Energy Target).

Key Performance Indicators

Performance measuresTARGET
Level of participant satisfaction with the quality and timeliness of market information.80 per cent
No significant breaches of government, administrative, legal and policy requirements.0 breaches
Partnering to implement recommendations from the King Review, as appropriate.Qualitative
Continuous improvement approaches to compliance and outcomes.Qualitative
grass burning in a bush
Savanna Burning, Balurga, Queensland. Credit: Country Carbon.

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