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A trusted, relevant and expert institution

The Clean Energy Regulator publishes relevant, accurate and timely data and other information to promote and enhance a well-functioning and liquid carbon market and to inform future policy development. In doing so, the agency relies on and supports productive and collaborative relationships across governments, states and territories, and industry and stakeholder bodies.


  • Increase and improve the availability, transparency and accuracy of our market data in the best form to meet market needs, to increase the orderliness of markets. In addition, specifically:
    • maintenance and expansion of bespoke automated data exchange arrangements with market bodies such as the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), and
    • improving the usefulness of a range of our public reports in quantifying the performance of our schemes in accelerating carbon abatement for Australia.
  • Assist a range of initiatives by AEMO and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency around Distributed Energy Resources to support AEMO managing the network with a rapidly increasing level of rooftop solar.
  • Ensure we maintain the right mix of economic, legal, problem solving and technical skills to meet participant and stakeholder needs.
  • Maintain strong relationships with a range of stakeholder and industry associations to understand and meet their needs. Also, continue to build relationships with state and territory government departments which are operating schemes that intersect with ours.
  • Assist the Department of the Environment and Energy with delivering the policy agenda of the government, including agile and successful execution of policy changes for which we are responsible.
  • Assist our participants, regulatory partners and the broader community to understand and access the data we hold, and support a fully informed market.

Key performance indicator

Our reputation and regulatory expertise are evidenced throughout our regulatory postures, including compliance, evidence-based decisions, data analysis and market insights.

Proportion of contracted carbon abatement delivered.>80 per cent
Compliance levels by regulated and liable entities.95 per cent
Proportion of investigations completed within timeframes.75 per cent
Level of participant satisfaction with the quality and timeliness of market information.80 per cent
Data and analytics are used to communicate market activities.Achieved

We must be reliable, trusted and expert in our operations to support community confidence in the integrity of the schemes we administer and our delivery of those schemes. We use our data, information, intelligence and advice to assist and support carbon markets. We are well placed to do this through sound, constructive and collaborative relationships with stakeholders, industry and participants. We also enhance confidence in carbon markets by securing high levels of compliance with our schemes.

Mr Michael D’Ascenzo AO
Member of the Clean Energy Regulator

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