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Our approach

To ensure that we are administering our schemes efficiently and effectively, we have invested in capabilities that enable us to be agile and flexible in response to any scheme or policy changes and allow us to build our people, process and system capabilities in line with the agency’s strategic direction.

Participation in some schemes, for the Emissions Reduction Fund and Climate Solutions Fund, is voluntary and can yield a financial benefit to the participants. Other schemes are compulsory and may have material impacts on business. Our administration needs to be transparent and fair to underpin market confidence and participation. The Clean Energy Regulator needs to ensure that participants comply with the law.

We aim to be a practical, grounded, quick and commercially orientated regulator.

The schemes we operate, for example the Renewable Energy Target, can result in changes that other bodies (such as electricity market bodies) need to manage. We take a broad view of our role and assist those bodies where we can.

We are close to the market and our participants and hold a wealth of data and information which is useful for enabling carbon markets to function well and valuable for informing policy development. Our data must be accessible, useful and accepted as the source of truth.

Maintaining a capable, agile and high performing workforce is critical to our success. The open and collaborative relationships we have with other bodies in the Environment and Energy portfolio, state and territory government bodies, industry and stakeholder bodies are also important.


Our culture and values shape the way we interact and engage with each other within the agency to create a positive and supportive working environment, how we work with our participants and stakeholders to build and maintain trusted relationships, and the way we respond to challenges and opportunities in our environment. Every member of our agency contributes to the values, principles and behaviours that are elements of our culture, and we have distilled these into our four cultural anchors. These represent the ideals that we strive for and form the way we work together. Our four cultural anchors are:

  • Delivering Outcomes: Our people care about delivering agency objectives because our purpose matters.
  • Trust and Accountability: Our people trust each other because we are accountable for our actions.
  • Role Clarity: Our people know who does what because role clarity is vital for productive collaboration.
  • Active Development: Our people actively develop themselves and others because lifting capability makes a difference.


We are dedicated to building capability to capitalise upon opportunities to improve and future proof the agency. The Agency Operating Model, a capability-based operating model, underpins our strategic planning activities to ensure that our people, processes and systems are prepared for, the changing needs of the agency.

Building upon the existing Agency Operating Model and further embedding it into the work we do will be a key focus for the agency across the years of this plan. This will ensure that there is alignment across our planning and budgeting processes so that priorities and investments are strategically driven. Significant work has been undertaken to assess the maturity levels of current capabilities and a gap analysis has been conducted to serve as a roadmap for informed decision-making and investments in line with future operational requirements.

We will continue investing in our staff and develop workforce capability to ensure that we have the right mix of skills, capabilities and experience to meet current and future requirements. Our People Capability Framework is allowing us to identify the capabilities of the agency’s workforce to highlight our current capability strengths and future gaps, inform how we invest in staff development and support organisational and job design for the future—all of which contribute to our cultural anchor of active development and build capability for the future.

In addition to agency capability development and people capability, we also need to ensure that our ICT and systems capabilities support current and future business requirements. Our business system roadmap was endorsed last year, providing a three-year view of our business priorities to better meet the needs of our agency participants and to align with whole-of-government Digital Transformation Agenda. By improving or replacing our business systems in accordance with the roadmap, by 2021 we will have leveraged the value in our current systems with a longer term view towards consolidating services for improved client experience and productivity, delivering efficiencies as systems become simpler to connect to, and providing a consistent, centralised client experience.

Our performance

We systematically monitor, assess and report on our performance to understand our effectiveness in achieving our purpose and objectives.

We are committed to being transparent and accountable for the regulatory functions that we undertake on behalf of the government. Our performance in achieving our purpose is measured holistically through the agency’s Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Framework. The framework provides a structure around which we can monitor and report on our performance against each objective and our purpose.

The KPI Framework includes an outcomes-based KPI against each of the agency’s four objectives, which are supported by a number of quantitative and qualitative performance measures. Collectively, these measures contribute to articulating the agency’s performance against its purpose and objectives. We measure our performance against the target set for the reporting year. Targets have been set for those performance measures that use quantitative data as a measure of performance. The KPI Framework is reviewed and updated with each planning cycle to ensure that our KPIs can best capture agency performance based on improvements to our reporting maturity and changes in the agency’s operational environment.

Results against the KPIs are reported in the Clean Energy Regulator Annual Performance Statement, which is included in the Clean Energy Regulator Annual Report. In the Annual Performance Statement, we will complement the result for the KPIs with additional contextual information and specific examples of actions and outcomes that will provide a detailed understanding of what was achieved during the reporting year.

In addition to measuring our performance in achieving our purpose, we undertake an annual self-assessment under the Regulator Performance Framework. The Regulator Performance Framework requires Commonwealth regulators to assess their performance when interacting with business, the community and individuals, and to evaluate how well they have reduced regulatory burden and increased transparency in their operations. The agency’s self-assessment report against the framework’s six performance criteria is made available on our website.

Our objectives

The following section outlines the strategies and performance measures for delivering each of our objectives.

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