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Secure and enduring regulatory infrastructure

Our changing policy environment and client base, and the need to operate efficiently, mean that we need resilient and adaptable long-term processes and systems as well as reliable data.


  • Ensure our infrastructure is reliable, resilient and flexible enough to be reused in response to policy or operational change.
  • Protect the integrity and utility of the core elements of our schemes, including greenhouse and energy data, contracts, units and certificates.

Strategic priorities

  • Improve our data services infrastructure and use our data analytics capability to support evidenced-based decision-making and processes.
  • Identify opportunities to accept third-party data to enhance compliance monitoring and reduce client burden.
  • Refine our systems to allow flexibility to embrace any future scheme or policy variations.
  • Establish new operational platforms to incorporate new or changed programs.
  • Increase data and intelligence sharing in line with the whole-of-government data-sharing agenda.
  • Continue to ensure registries are leading practice.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Availability of online systems.
  • No infiltrations of the Clean Energy Regulator’s online systems.

Value of our registries

Our scheme administration is underpinned by our management of a number of public-facing, high-volume registry systems. These systems allow our clients to participate in our schemes and transact in their associated markets, so it is critical that they are secure, reliable and user-friendly.

To keep pace with new technologies and client expectations, we continually look at how we can better integrate and streamline the use of our registries. In an effort to make significant improvements to the system user experience, we are planning and implementing enhancements such as:

  • a centralised and streamlined single entry point for our schemes
  • automated processing
  • functionality to allow client self-service, and
  • functionality to allow clients to monitor the status of submissions, receive notifications and conduct correspondence.

In the future, there may be opportunities for our registries to be used in facilitating the creation and trade of units and certificates internationally. We are well placed to play our part through existing relationships and involvement with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and registry counterparts internationally. With the rapid pace of technological change, it is also paramount that we stay abreast of new ways of deploying and harnessing payment platforms and technologies that will make transactions quicker, simpler and more secure.

In improving our systems, we will design and implement system changes in line with the Digital Transformation Agency’s Digital Service Standard. This will see our client’s system experience more closely resemble their experience with other government agencies. We regularly engage with clients in relation to system enhancements and actively seek feedback on their satisfaction with our registries through an annual client survey. This means we can design and implement solutions in line with client expectations and support them to participate in our schemes.


The registries that support the operation of our schemes are pivotal to their success. They enable our clients to securely and conveniently submit reports, receive entitlements, acquit liabilities and trade certificates and units. Providing reliable and secure infrastructure that supports functioning and liquid markets is a key role for the agency. The registries are also critical in upholding the integrity of the certificates and units within our schemes. We will continue to work with our clients and other market participants to ensure that our systems remain user friendly, secure and leading practice.

Ms Shayleen Thompson, Executive General Manager

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