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Foreword by the Chair

Foreword by the chair


I am pleased to present the Clean Energy Regulator’s Corporate Plan for 2018—22.

The publication of this Corporate Plan comes at an exciting period for the Clean Energy Regulator, as 2018 is hailed as a year of record renewable energy capacity installation in Australia. It is also a time of renewed public interest and debate in energy and climate change policy in both domestic and international spheres. The planned National Energy Guarantee will mark an important milestone in the integration of energy policy with more traditional climate change concerns. This integration presents opportunities for the Clean Energy Regulator to further engage across a more diverse group of agencies–engagement that will allow us to contribute our expertise, regulatory experience, data and systems.

While there are changes on the horizon, we remain committed to the delivery of our schemes, upon which Australia relies to meet national and international obligations. Our commitment to effective scheme administration and regulation remains steadfast. Like all regulators, the Clean Energy Regulator operates under a high level of external scrutiny. We seek out and take on learnings from other regulators, inquiries and reports to ensure our decisions and actions are consistent, transparent and robust.

We understand the benefits of developing strong relationships and will work with our various stakeholders in order to succeed over the coming years. We are focused on cultivating and developing relationships with new and existing clients to support an environment of confidence and trust. This requires us to have a detailed understanding of our clients’ needs, allows us to tailor our guidance to facilitate participation as well as ensure clients are aware of their obligations under the schemes and the consequences of non-compliance.

We work closely with our regulatory partners in the industry as well as other government agencies at federal, state and territory levels to better identify and deal with non-compliance within our schemes. Collaboration with our partners will further strengthen our ability to deter, identify and address non-compliance within our schemes.

Data sharing principles are enshrined in our scheme legislation. We have always appreciated the value of our data holdings and are enthusiastic in joining efforts to promote and improve data sharing across Commonwealth agencies in line with Government initiatives. As custodians of a large amount of energy data, our consistent approach and constant improvement in the way we analyse and use data we collect allows us to make a broad contribution to policy analysis and negotiation in all levels of government, industry and research institutions.

Our plans for the next four years will not come to fruition if we do not have capable and enthusiastic staff who can innovatively and confidently navigate the challenges the future may present. I am strongly committed to the continual development of agency staff by encouraging active development underpinned by a positive and productive agency culture.

I look forward to leading the agency and our staff through the exciting and challenging years ahead to achieve the deliverables outlined in this plan.

Mr David Parker AM
Chair, Clean Energy Regulator
8 August 2018

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