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Our capability

Having developed the capabilities required for the effective and efficient operation of the schemes we administer, we are focussing on improvements that will position the agency to be agile and responsive in a changing environment.


The capabilities and skills of our staff ensure that we are able to deliver regulatory oversight that reflects our approach rather than simply mechanically administering our schemes. The Clean Energy Regulator's workforce plan has been developed to address the agency's long-term business needs and capabilities. It analyses our workforce in its current state, determines future requirements and identifies gaps in the agency's skillset to be actioned at an enterprise level.

The key strategies under our workforce plan will develop a multifaceted approach to recruitment, improve and align workforce capabilities and skills, identify and manage talent, develop and apply resource-based planning approaches to staff assignment and mobility and build management capability.


Our ICT strategy provides the foundations for business delivery. The strategy considers the objectives of the agency along with the external factors which shape the ICT environment today and into the future, such as the Australian Government's shared services agenda, ‘cloud first' computing policy and digital transformation agenda.

A core element of our ICT strategy is our reuse of existing ICT assets in adapting to changes to the agency's operations and regulatory responsibilities. Our approach to the digital transformation agenda ensures that digital services standards are embedded in the agency's technology for engaging with and delivering services to clients and stakeholders.

We are currently refreshing our ICT strategy to ensure that it addresses the long-term needs of the agency. For example, we are developing a data and reporting strategy that will address the agency's data governance, analytics, and capabilities supporting the reporting of scheme performance.

Business investment

The Clean Energy Regulator's business investment strategy integrates capital asset replacement with sustainable budgeting and planning processes to outline the agency's priorities for investment. Investments are undertaken from a whole-of-agency perspective and aligned to the delivery of our purpose and objectives.

A fundamental element of the agency's approach to investment is to consider the benefits before agreeing to additional automation of substantial changes to business processes. This element avoids overinvestment and achieves an agile approach to improving the agency's capabilities.

In the coming year the agency will undertake a number of significant investment activities, which will include process improvement and efficiency projects as well as consideration of the agency's leasing arrangements.

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