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Our strategic approach


Over the life of this Corporate Plan, the Clean Energy Regulator will be responsible for the credible regulation of the primary market mechanisms to measure and reduce carbon emissions. This means that its regulatory, business and assurance models must be of the highest standard.

Rather than mechanically administer legislation, the Clean Energy Regulator will focus on the objectives of the schemes it administers, and will adapt its approach accordingly.

As a regulatory body, the Clean Energy Regulator will execute effective decision-making and administration. It will judiciously deploy the compliance and enforcement tools at its disposal, and take steps to anticipate the wider interest – for example, the need for the market system to evolve along a strategic pathway.

The continuing policy debate regarding the best way to achieve carbon abatement in Australia, new international commitments to reduce carbon emissions, and advances in technology may all affect the schemes we administer. The Clean Energy Regulator will ensure that it develops capabilities which position it to be an agile and responsive organisation, in a changing operating context.

To ensure that the agency anticipates and is ready to respond to change, our strategic approach over the life of this plan will be to:

  • consolidate our organisation, to bed down recent changes to scheme legislation and streamline our operations
  • refine our systems, to improve the performance of our scheme and increase the sophistication of our regulatory and market capabilities
  • look beyond 2020, to prepare our agency for future regulatory changes and possible expansion of our current responsibilities, to accelerate the delivery of carbon abatement for Australia.

The diagram below outlines the strategic direction of the agency over the next four financial years.

The Clean Energy Regulator will regularly review its strategic approach and update the Corporate Plan accordingly.

Our strategic approach

​Accelerating carbon abatement for Australia

2015-16 - Consolidating our organisation

Following major changes in climate change laws over the last year, the agency will focus on getting new and amended schemes operating effectively. We will build on our whole of agency regulatory capabilities.

Engaged active and compliant clients

  • Establish relationships with new industry sectors
  • Build awareness and enable clients to self select entry into our schemes
  • Pursue the Government’s deregulation agenda

Efficient and effective administration

  • Implementthe Safeguard Mechanism and changes to the Renewable Energy Target
  • Establish a whole of agency client view and metrics reporting
  • Embrace whole of government initiatives to streamline corporate services

A trusted, relevant and expert institution

  • Enhance the agency’s capacity to contribute to policy development
  • Enhance our workforce capability to be effective ‘regulatory officers’
  • Build our technical capability in new industry sectors

Secure and enduring infrastructure

  • Develop a culture of over the horizon thinking
  • Consolidate and integrate our systems under a more cohesive technology suite
  • Align our operations to the digital transformation agenda

2016-17 - Refining our schemes

As our schemes mature, we will focus on maximising their efficiency, reducing client burden, increasing compliance.

Engaged active and compliant clients

  • Further build relationships with our clients and stakeholders
  • Establish more consistent and proactive risk based compliance
  • Seek new ways to reduce client burden

Efficient and effective administration

  • Embed new policies as business as usual
  • Realise efficiencies from end to end management of process
  • Reinvest into proactive regulatory capabilities
  • Implement scheme refinements emerging from reviews and evaluations

A trusted, relevant and expert institution

  • Enhance our ability to access, report and interrogate scheme data
  • Deliver value added data products and support policy evaluation

Secure and enduring infrastructure

  • Establish practices to maximise the impact of our technical capabilities
  • Refine our approach to resolving operational policy problems
  • Review the agency’s capacity to change and readiness to respond to new or enhanced policy

2017-19 - Looking beyond 2020

As we near 2020, enhancements to existing schemes may be needed to drive future carbon abatement. We will ensure we are ready to contribute to any new policy design, deliver new schemes, and align with international efforts.

Engaged active and compliant clients

  • Establish streamlined client interaction including highly automated online services across all our schemes
  • Enable clients to self assess and manage their participation on line

Efficient and effective administration

  • Ensure existing schemes are streamlined so we can focus on future policies to reduce abatement
  • Shift agency activity away from managing processes to higher level regulatory oversight

A trusted, relevant and expert institution

  • Co-design schemes to support post 2020 targets
  • Align our operations to new international agreements and requirements

Secure and enduring infrastructure

  • Review the effectiveness or the operation and conduct of our market
  • Align our systems, processes and operational policies to new international requirements

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