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The agency uses key performance indicators to measure its achievements against its purpose and objectives. The framework incorporates a set of underlying principles that reflect the agency’s core functions as a regulator, while considering the agency’s current and future performance reporting obligations. The framework provides the flexibility to respond to changes in administered schemes and allows us to measure our performance through a number of metrics.

The following list shows the key performance indicators identified for each of the agency’s functions. The agency will continue to review its performance measures to ensure that the measures reflect the schemes we administer, our changing environment and our functions.

Engagement and guidance

Activities related to provision of education, engagement, guidance and communications with entities and individuals.

  • Level of client satisfaction with engagement and guidance provided.
  • Client contacts resolved at first interaction.

Registration, accreditation and approvals

Activities related to collection of information required for registration, accreditation and approvals and subsequent decision-making (including dispute resolution).

  • Volume of Australian carbon credit units issued.
  • Volume of renewable energy certificates registered.
  • Applications processed within statutory timeframes.

Monitoring and compliance

Activities related to monitoring compliance with project requirements and encouraging compliance with legislative requirements.

  • Proportion of contracted abatement delivered.
  • Compliance levels by regulated entities.
  • Integrity and level of usage of National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme data.

Market services

Activities related to issuance of property rights to market participants, building confidence in the market and reducing the risk of fraud through the design and implementation of effective processes and controls.

  • Level of client satisfaction with registries and reporting systems.
  • Integrity in the operation of registries.

Investigations and enforcement

Activities related to investigation, enforcement and subsequent decision-making (including dispute resolution processes).

  • Proportion of successful court actions.
  • Proportion of enforceable undertakings completed on time.

ICT services

Activities related to provision of ICT services including ICT strategy, governance and security, maintenance of ICT infrastructure, applications, and general ICT technical support.

  • Availability of online systems.
  • Online systems are compliant with Australian Government standards.


Activities related to corporate budget management, finance and procurement, governance of strategic investment, project management, parliamentary services, agency business planning and compliance with reporting obligations.

  • Positive assessments of the agency’s performance under the Regulator Performance Framework.
  • No significant breaches of government administrative, legal and policy requirements.

People services

Activities related to facilities and security management as well as human resources management matters.

  • Level of client satisfaction with staff interactions.

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