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Appendix F: Governance structure

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee:

  • is an advisory committee to the Chair
  • provides a formal venue for clearance of papers referred to the Regulator
  • comprises our Chair, Executive General Managers and General Counsel, and
  • meets monthly before each meeting of the Regulator.

Strategic Leadership Team

The Strategic Leadership Team:

  • leads our agency in setting the strategic direction for operations including regulatory posture, risk appetite, corporate planning, purpose and objectives
  • makes decisions about policies, allocates resources and monitors our agency’s regulatory posture, and
  • has the same membership as the Executive Committee and generally meets weekly.

Business Leadership Team

The Business Leadership Team:

  • is responsible for decisions about implementing our agreed annual and business plans
  • manages matters that require collaboration across divisions, and
  • monitors resolution of identified issues and implementation of our strategic priorities.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee:

  • provides independent assurance and assistance to the Chair on our agency’s internal audit work program and our external accountability under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013
  • reviews our annual financial statements and annual performance statements
  • comprises three members, including an independent chair and at least one other external member, with a Member of the Regulator attending as an observer, and
  • meets at least quarterly, and may hold special meetings to review annual financial statements and performance statements or to meet other specific committee responsibilities.

Security Management Committee

The Security Management Committee:

  • oversees and coordinates the strategic direction of our protective security and information security policies and practices and ensures we comply with relevant government requirements, and
  • comprises the Agency Security Executive (Chair), the Chief Information Security Officer, the Chief Information Officer, the General Manager Investigations and Enforcement, the Information Technology Security Advisor, the Agency Security Advisor and the Assistant Agency Security Advisor. This committee generally meets quarterly.

Project Portfolio Board

The Project Portfolio Board:

  • ensures that investment in our suite of projects will achieve agreed outcomes
  • comprises the Chief Operations Officer (chair) and Executive General Managers, and is supported by subject matter expertise from the Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Manager Business Investment
  • is accountable to the Strategic Leadership Team, and
  • generally meets monthly.

Staff Consultative Committee

The Staff Consultative Committee:

  • provides a forum for consultation on workplace issues covered under the agency Enterprise Agreement
  • is one of many forums for seeking staff feedback on workplace initiatives
  • comprises the Chief Operations Officer (chair) and employee representatives from each branch as well as two management representatives, and
  • is required to meet at least quarterly, and generally meets bimonthly.

Work Health and Safety Consultative Committee

The Work Health and Safety Consultative Committee:

  • encourages and facilitates staff participation in preventing work-related injury and illness
  • considers workers’ health and safety matters raised by managers, health and safety representatives or other staff
  • comprises the General Manager Human Resources (chair), agency health and safety representatives, worker representatives and elected officers, and
  • is required to meet at least quarterly.

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