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Outcome and program structure

All Australian Government entities are required to report on their performance under the Commonwealth performance framework. The core elements of the Commonwealth performance framework are the portfolio budget statements, corporate plan and the annual performance statement.

Portfolio budget statement

The Clean Energy Regulator's outcome statement and planned performance are summarised below and set out in full in the Department of the Environment Portfolio Budget Statements 2015-16.3

Outcome and program structure in 2015-16


Contribute to a reduction in Australia's net greenhouse gas emissions, including through the administration of market based mechanisms that incentivise reduction in emissions and the promotion of additional renewable electricity generation.


The strategy for the delivery of this outcome is to:
  • be accessible, informative and decisive so that clients are aware of their opportunities, meet their obligations and access the benefits to which they are entitled
  • maintain and enhance the skills and expertise of our people
  • use risk-based and continuous improvement approaches to deploy agency resources to best effect
  • build and sustain the Clean Energy Regulator's reputation and impact through sound stakeholder relationships and partnerships
  • promote the value of our assets, the quality of our results and the strength of our capabilities
  • ensure our infrastructure is reliable, resilient and able to be reused in response to policy change, and
  • protect the integrity and utility of the core element of our schemes, including greenhouse and energy data, contracts, units, and certificates.


Clean Energy Regulator


Effective and efficient regulation of greenhouse and energy reporting and market based schemes that contribute to a reduction in Australia's net greenhouse gas emissions and promote investment in renewable energy.


Administration of the Emissions Reduction Fund by:
  • registering projects and issuing Australian carbon credit units, and
  • conducting auctions and managing contracts.
Administration of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme to:
  • inform government policy formulation and the Australian public
  • underpin Australia's international reporting obligations, and
  • assist Commonwealth, state and territory government programmes and activities, and reduce the need for duplication of similar reporting requirements by the states and territories.
Operation of the Renewable Energy Target by:
  • ensuring the integrity of renewable energy certificate market supply (certificates created)
  • ensuring the integrity of the renewable energy certificate market demand (certificates surrendered), and
  • maintaining the registry that facilitates administration of renewable energy certificates by market participants.
Maintenance of the electronic register for emissions units that:
  • enables Australia to meet its commitment under the Kyoto Protocol, and
  • allows for the issuance and management of Australian carbon credit units created through approved projects that reduce net greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The proportion of contracted carbon abatement delivered.
  • Additional generation of electricity from renewable sources consistent with annual legislated demand under the Renewable Energy Target.
  • Over 95 per cent of scheme participants are materially compliant with their statutory obligations.
  • Clients are satisfied with the service, and respect the decisions, of the Clean Energy Regulator.
  • System availability for client access maintained for 99 per cent of the time, excluding scheduled outages.
  • Data publication and information sharing that is relevant, accurate, timely and meets user needs.

Corporate plan

In addition to the strategic information published in our Portfolio Budget Statement 2015-16, we have published information about our purpose and performance measures in our Clean Energy Regulator Corporate Plan 2015-19. This is our first corporate plan under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

Our corporate plan outlines our purpose, role, functions and regulatory posture. It considers our operating environment and details the key strategies and plans we will implement to achieve our purpose over the life of the plan. It also considers our approach to risk oversight and management and details how we will measure our performance.

In 2015-16, we developed and implemented a Key Performance Indicator Framework (KPI Framework) to provide the basis on which to measure our performance in achieving our objectives and purpose. The KPI Framework incorporates a set of underlying principles that reflect our agency's core functions as a regulator, while considering our current and future performance reporting obligations.

Clean Energy Regulator annual performance statement

In reporting our performance for 2015-16, we have prepared our first agency annual performance statement as required under Section 39 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013. The annual performance statement report on our key performance indicators in both our Portfolio Budget Statement 2015-16 and Clean Energy Regulator Corporate Plan 2015-19.

For details of results achieved against our intended purpose, outcome, deliverables and all key performance indicators, see 3: Annual Performance Statement from page 26 and 4: Scheme Performance from page 38.

For more about our planning and reporting, see 5: Management and accountability from page 80.



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