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Information and communications technology

Information and communications technology

We require dependable information and communications technology (ICT) services and the capacity to innovate new digital services to effectively run our schemes and quickly respond to the evolving policy and regulatory environment.

In 2015–16 we began developing our next ICT Strategy for 2016–17 to 2018–19 to meet our agency's strategic objectives, regulatory responsibilities and the Australian Government's Digital Service Standard.

We use best practice agency, whole-of-government and industry services and solutions to realise benefits from our ICT investments, maintain our ICT assets and provide services to support our functions. We engage external providers for cost-effective maintenance and development of infrastructure, while maintaining control over our business platform and complying with our obligations as a Commonwealth entity.

Specific improvements in 2015–16 advanced our digital transformation agenda and included:

  • consolidating three legacy Client Relationship Management systems into a single system to service all the schemes run by the agency enabling a holistic view of clients and compliance under the different schemes for more effective coordination across our agency
  • expanding client-facing online forms and internal process automation to reduce the regulatory burden on clients, by greatly reducing data entry and processing times for Emissions Reduction Fund auction registration, bid submission and outcome determination (see the feature on the ANREU page)
  • establishing secure digital data exchanges with the Australian Energy Market Operator for checking small-scale renewable energy system installations against electricity meter data, and with state and territory agencies to assure against projects participating in multiple emissions reduction schemes, where rules prohibit that from occurring ('double-dipping')
  • commissioning a data and reporting strategy to guide future technology developments in data governance, reporting and analytics
  • market testing our outsourced technology services, resulting in contracting new infrastructure services and transferring support of the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units in-house, with expected savings and service level improvements on track to commence in 2016–17, and
  • comprehensively refreshing our technology hardware, including network, user computing (desktop and mobile) and printers, while ensuring infrastructure and applications continue to meet government usability and security requirements.

We will continue to consolidate and build on these achievements to support engagement with our clients, partners and stakeholders and the effective and efficient administration of our schemes.

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