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Appendix B: Other mandatory reporting

Advertising and market research

In 2015–16 we did not undertake polling, direct mail, market research or advertising campaigns.

The agency's limited expenditure on advertising was under the reportable threshold of $12 700.

Legal expenditure

Paragraph 11.1(ba) of the Legal Services Directions 2005 requires all non-corporate Commonwealth entities regulated by the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) to publicly report their legal services expenditure. Table 15 provides a breakdown of our agency's expenditure for 2015–16.

Table 15: Legal services expenditure summary 2015–16
Total (external + internal) expenditure$1,866,269.66
Total internal legal services expenditure $1,611,407.46
Total external legal services expenditure$254,862.20
Total value of briefs to Counsel (A)$37,221.83
Total value of disbursements (excluding counsel) (B)$3,431.81
Total value of professional fees paid (C)$214,208.56
Total external legal services expenditure (A + B + C)$254,862.20
Number of direct briefs to male counsel1
Number of direct briefs to female counsel1
Total number of direct briefs to counsel2
Number of indirect briefs to male counsel1
Number of indirect briefs to female counsel0
Total number of indirect briefs to counsel1
Total value of briefs to Counsel (A)$37,221.83
Total value of disbursements (excluding counsel) (B)$3,431.81
Total Value of professional fees (C)$214,208.56

Note: All figures are GST exclusive.

Grants programs

We do not administer grant programs.

Disability reporting

Disability reporting occurs through the National Disability Strategy 2010–2020 and through the Australian Public Service Commission's State of the Service Report and APS Statistical Bulletin. This information is available at

High level two-yearly reports track progress against the strategy's six outcome areas. These reports are available at

Information Publication Scheme

Agencies subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 are required to make certain information available to the public as part of the Information Publication Scheme established by Part II of that Act. The Information Publication Scheme has replaced the former requirement to publish a section 8 freedom of information statement in annual reports.

In accordance with the Information Publication Scheme, we publish information on our website:

This includes details of tour functions, information about statutory appointments, and operational information such as guidelines we use to make decisions or recommendations that affect members of the public.

Ecologically sustainable development and environmental performance

We manage the environmental impact of our operations in accordance with the Australian National Audit Office better practice guide Public Sector Environmental Management.

In 2015–16, our building at 5 Farrell Place, Canberra, maintained its 6-star energy rating under the National Australian Built Environment Rating System—the highest possible rating under the system.

Other workplace initiatives include:

  • contracting services to recycle organic waste, paper and cardboard
  • reducing electricity use through staff actions such as turning off lights in unused rooms and turning off computer monitors at night, and
  • purchasing electricity from 100 per cent renewable sources.

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