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Members of the Regulator

Members of the Regulator are required to have substantial experience or knowledge in relevant fields.

In addition to their collective responsibilities, Members of the Regulator apply their expertise to a specific area of focus. This adds depth to the understanding of the operating environment and enables the agency to draw directly on Members' knowledge and experience. Members provide an update on their area of focus at each Regulator meeting.

At 30 June 2015, the Regulator had four Members including the Chair. The Chair is full-time while all other Members are part-time.

Photograph of Ms Chloe Munro 

Ms Chloe Munro | Chair

'Essentially we are an economic regulator with an environmental objective. Although there has been significant change this year, you can also see a degree of continuity in our schemes. While we don't control policy, we do provide certainty as to how the polices are applied in order to accelerate carbon abatement for Australia.'

Ms Munro was appointed as Chair and Chief Executive Officer on 2 April 2012. Ms Munro's extensive public and private sector experience includes particular expertise in infrastructure and resources.

Ms Munro was Chair of the National Water Commission, the independent non-executive Chairman of AquaSure (the consortium building Victoria's desalination plant), a non-executive director of Hydro Tasmania, and an executive director of Telstra. Prior to that, Ms Munro served in the Victorian public sector as Secretary of the Department of Primary Industries, Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, and Deputy Secretary of the Department of Treasury and Finance (where she led Victoria's energy reform and privatisation programme).

Ms Munro holds master's degrees in mathematics and philosophy from Cambridge University and in business administration from the University of Westminster. She is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering and the Institute of Public Administration Australia. She was awarded a Centenary Medal for outstanding contribution to public administration in 2001.

Photograph of Ms Anne T Brown 

Ms Anne T Brown | Member

'Efficient and effective administration is all about finding new ways to operate at a lower cost for us and our clients. Risk-based and continuous improvement approaches will assist us to make best use of agency resources at the lowest cost.'

Ms Brown was appointed as a Member on 4 June 2012. Ms Brown has substantial experience and knowledge of Australian and international exchange-traded financial markets, risk management, related infrastructure and regulatory environments.

Ms Brown is a non-executive director of the Australian Design Alliance and a member of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's Markets Disciplinary Panel. She previously held the position of Chief Risk Officer with ASX Limited, following its merger with SFE Corporation Limited.

She had responsibility for enterprise-wide risk management, compliance and audit. Ms Brown represented ASX from 2008 to 2010 as the Chair and executive committee member of CCP12, an influential global industry association involving all major international clearing houses.

Ms Brown holds a degree in accountancy and computer science from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

As a member of the Clean Energy Regulator Audit Committee until 30 June 2015, Ms Brown focused on independent assurance of the agency's operations.

Photograph of Mr Michael D'Ascenzo 

Mr Michael D'Ascenzo AO | Member

'Secure and enduring infrastructure is essential for us to operate with limited budgets and resources, to provide valid and up-to-date intelligence for our decision-makers, and to build our analytics capabilities to better understand our clients, risks and compliance expectations.'

Mr Michael D'Ascenzo was appointed as a Member on 2 April 2013. Mr D'Ascenzo is recognised internationally for his leadership and expertise in administration, strategy and governance, and for his technical and design skills in tax law and superannuation.

Mr D'Ascenzo is a member of the Foreign Investment Review Board and is on the International Monetary Fund's panel of experts. He is a non-executive director of Australia Post, an adjunct professor of the University of New South Wales and a professorial fellow of Melbourne University. He was previously Commissioner of Taxation and vice-chair of the Organisation for Economic Co operation and Development's Forum on Tax Administration.

Mr D'Ascenzo holds degrees in economics and law from the Australian National University.

In 2010, Mr D'Ascenzo was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia for service to public administration, particularly through reform and innovative engagement with the taxation profession and government agencies.

Mr D'Ascenzo focuses on compliance and enforcement, in particular the integration and effectiveness of the agency's intelligence and compliance capabilities. He is also a member of the joint agency steering committee for the Emissions Reduction Fund.

Photograph of Virginia Malley 

Ms Virginia Malley | Member

'Engaged, active and compliant clients will significantly contribute to the speed at which Australia accelerates carbon abatement. We must manage our schemes in attractive and workable ways so our clients choose to engage with us and comply with their obligations.'

Ms Malley was appointed as a Member on 4 June 2012. Ms Malley has extensive experience in the investment and banking sectors, including as a company director. She has expertise in financial and environmental markets, risk management, corporate governance, regulatory compliance custody and trusteeship.

Ms Malley is a non-executive director of Perpetual Superannuation Limited and Perpetual Equity Investment Company Limited, a member of the Sydney Airport Trust Compliance Committee, and a member of the board of the Nature Conservation Trust of New South Wales. Previously Ms Malley was the Chief Risk Officer at Macquarie Funds Management Group and a member of various committees at Macquarie focusing on clean technology, the Asia Pacific, and global private equity. She also served on the boards of Macquarie Investment Management Limited and Bond Street Custodians Limited and was a staff-elected trustee of the Macquarie Bank Staff Superannuation Fund.

Ms Malley holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University, a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Law from the University of Sydney, and a Juris Doctor from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Ms Malley focuses on client education and engagement with primary and secondary carbon market participants.

Photograph of Dr Michael Sargent 

Dr Michael Sargent AM | Member (until 24 January 2015)

'A trusted, relevant and expert institution engenders trust from its clients and stakeholders. We must conduct our affairs and deliver our schemes in a manner that is consistent, fair, open, knowledgeable and reflective of government policies.'

Dr Sargent was appointed as a Member on 2 April 2012. He resigned during 2014–15, effective 24 January 2015.

Dr Sargent has more than 50 years' experience in the energy and utility industries in Australia, Canada and the United States. He is Chair of Epicorp Seed Fund Pty Ltd, Deputy Chairman of Epicorp Limited, and a member of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency Advisory Panel. His previous roles include Chief Executive of Transfield Services Energy Group and Chief Executive Officer of ACTEW Corporation. He has also held the position of director of the Australian Solar Institute and the Australian Energy Market Operator.

Dr Sargent holds a degree in electrical engineering and a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Queensland. In recognition of his service to engineering he was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 1993 and was awarded a Centenary Medal in 2003.

Dr Sargent's area of focus was renewable technology and the market for renewable energy.

Regulator meetings

Under the Clean Energy Regulator Act 2011, the Chair of the Regulator may convene a meeting at any time. Between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015, the Regulator met on 10 occasions. For a list of dates and apologies, see Appendix B on page 186.

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