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Outcome and program structure

​All Commonwealth entities are required to report on their performance under the Commonwealth performance framework. The core elements of the Commonwealth performance framework are portfolio budget statements, corporate plans, and annual performance statements.

Our outcome and our program structure is detailed in the Environment and Energy Portfolio Budget Statements 2017–181. Key information is summarised below.

Outcome 1

Contribute to a reduction in Australia’s net greenhouse gas emissions, including through the administration of market based mechanisms that incentivise reduction in emissions and the promotion of additional renewable electricity generation.

Program 1.1

Effective and efficient regulation of greenhouse and energy reporting and market based schemes that contribute to a reduction in Australia’s net greenhouse gas emissions and promote investment in renewable energy.


Our strategies for delivering this outcome and achieving our purpose of accelerating carbon abatement for Australia are to:

  • Invest in knowing our clients and communicating with them in a way that meets their needs. Use client education and guidance materials to help potential clients understand how to participate in and comply with our schemes. Use targeted enforcements to act as a deterrent to non-compliance. Ensure our activities assist our clients to understand their obligations (where they are regulated) or decide whether to participate in our schemes based on their own assessment of whether they have adequate capacity and capability to meet the requirements and achieve the anticipated results.
  • Use risk-based and continuous improvement approaches to deploy agency resources to best effect. Maintain and enhance the skills and expertise of our people and encourage innovation.
  • Build and sustain the Clean Energy Regulator’s reputation and impact through sound stakeholder and client relationships and partnerships with other relevant institutions and regulatory bodies. Promote the value of our assets, the quality of our results and the strength of our capabilities and the importance of our data.
  • Ensure our infrastructure is reliable, resilient and able to be reused in response to policy change. Protect the integrity and utility of the core elements of our schemes, including greenhouse and energy data, contracts, units and certificates.

Performance criteria

Our agency performance criteria expressed in our Portfolio Budget Statement 2017–18 is:

Proportion of contracted abatement delivered. ≥ 80% of contracted abatement is delivered on time.
Compliance levels by regulated and liable entities. ≥ 95% of regulated entities are materially compliant with their statutory obligations.

Our Corporate Plan 2017–2021 incorporates these performance criteria into more detailed key performance indicators for our four agency objectives. See details in Chapter 2: Annual performance statement.

Corporate plan

Our Corporate Plan 2017–2021 outlines our purpose, objectives, strategic priorities and performance measures. It discusses our operating environment and capabilities and details our regulatory posture, which embeds our risk appetite into our approach to compliance, education and enforcement.

Our plan includes a key performance indicator framework that provides the basis for measuring our agency’s performance against our objectives and purpose. The framework reflects our core functions as a regulator, and we use it to assess our effectiveness and the efficiency and quality of these functions.

Annual performance statement

The annual performance statement reports on our performance criteria and key performance indicators in our Portfolio Budget Statement 2017–18 and Corporate Plan 2017–2021, as required under Section 39 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

For details of results achieved against our purpose, objectives and key performance indicators, see Chapter 2: Annual performance statement and Chapter 3: Scheme performance.

For more about our planning and reporting, see Chapter 4: Management and accountability.

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