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Appendix A: The year in numbers

The following details from 2018 provide a quick reference for key data on the administration of the Renewable Energy Target.

Large-scale Renewable Energy Target


2018Large-scale renewable energy power stations accredited361
Large-scale renewable energy power stations by energy source5 biomass 6 hydro 339 solar 11 wind
Large-scale renewable energy capacity accredited3.5 gigawatts
Large-scale generation certificates validated22,991,450
Large-scale renewable energy power station above baseline generation22,350 gigawatt hours
CumulativeCumulative number of all Large-scale renewable energy power stations1072
Cumulative Large-scale renewable energy capacity accredited18.8 gigawatts
Committed and probable construction of new Large-scale renewable energy power stations announced since 1 January 201611.6 gigawatts


2018Large-scale generation certificates acquitted24,277,951
Large-scale generation certificates voluntarily surrendered (mainly for GreenPower)687,816
Large-scale Renewable Energy Target on-time surrender86.1 per cent
Total Large-scale certificate shortfall charge$220 million
Exemption issued to emissions-intensive trade-exposed activities39,126 gigawatt hours

Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme


2018New Small-scale systems installed276,933
Small-scale systems installed by type216,784 solar panel systems 40,487 solar water heaters 19,662 air source heat pump
Total capacity for Small-scale generation units installed1.5 gigawatts
Average capacity of solar panel systems7.1 kilowatts
Number of residential (0–15 kilowatt) solar PV system installations and capacityInstallations: 207,598
Capacity: 1.2 gigawatts
Number of mid-scale (15–100 kilowatt) solar PV system installations and capacityInstallations: 9186
Capacity: 324 megawatts
Number of Small-scale solar PV system installations by state and territory3628 Australian Capital Territory 55,616 New South Wales 2136 Northern Territory 52,815 Queensland 21,381 South Australia 2470 Tasmania 45,840 Victoria 32,898 Western Australia
Small-scale technology certificates validated29,878,136
CumulativeCumulative number of installed Small-scale systems3,190,276
Cumulative number of installed Small-scale systems by type2,033,684 solar panel systems 905,693 solar water heaters 250,458 air source heat pumps 423 wind systems 18 hydro systems
Cumulative capacity for small-generation units8.1 gigawatts
Generation and displacement by Small-scale systems13,394 gigawatt hours


2018Small-scale technology certificates acquitted29,811,199

Scheme integrity

2018Inspections of Small-scale systems3678 inspections
80 unsafe (2.2 per cent)
748 substandard (20 per cent)

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