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July-December 2015

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29 November 2016

This page contains a previous list of agency files. The current list is available on the indexed list of agency files.​

Documents for download:

Record title
Referrals to Investigations_NGER_2014-15 reporting year
NGER_Late Reporting Compliance_2014-15 Reporting Year
NGER_Deregistration Campaign_2014-15 Reporting Year
NGER_Report Submission Compliance_2015-16 Reporting Year
NGER_Report Submission Compliance_2014-15 Reporting Year
Report Assessment Engagement Email Templates
NGER Compliance
NGER 2014-15 analysis work
Senate Order Notice
2016 exemption certificate guidelines
Liability Forms
Network Analysis
PV Reporting
STC Status reports
Large Scale Project Pipeline
Renwable energy certificate price data
ERF Market Issues
2015-16 MLF (marginal loss factor)
Information Reports
STC failure reasons
Commerical Deck Project and Update to Regulation 19B Project
General Communications
QA Checklist SWH Audit
Special Projects- Commercial Decks and Regulation 19B
20150626 v151
20150703 v152
20150710 v153
20150717 v154
20150724 v155
20150731 v156
20150807 v157
20150814 v158
20150821 v159
20150828 v160
20150904 v161
20150911 v162
CEC Accreditation Numbers
ERF Project Applications Peak Period July 2015
EIH Consent Administration Issues
ERF Project Applications Auction 2
Residential and Commercial IRC
ERF Auction 2 - Results and Analysis
ERF Auction 1 - Results and Analysis
Briefs - Executive auction briefs
Abatement Modelling
Transition from Code of Common Terms 1.0 to 2.0
ERF Auction 2 - Probity and ANAO
ERF Auction Phase 2
ERF Auction 2 - Auction Day
ERF Auction 2 - Products Notifications
ERF Auction 2 - Auction Qualification Risk Assessment
Auction 2 Controls
ERF Auction 3 - Products
ERF Auction 3 - Probity
ERF Auction 3 - Notification products
ERF Auction 2 - delivered notifications
2014-15 Annual Report Input
Web Requests
Participating in the ERF - Claiming and selling ACCUs - Booklet 2
Online Modules - Carbon Abatement Contracts
Presentation Carbon Farming Conference Albury July 2015
Quarterly ACCUs Report
Education products - Aggregated Small Energy Users method
Guidance - Commercial Buildings method
Energy Efficiency - general education products
Guidance - Land and Sea Transport Method
Guidance - Aviation Transport method
Guidance - Industrial Energy and Fuel Efficiency Method IEFE
Guidance - Coal Mine Gas method
Procurement - Lectora
Agriculture sector Client Education
Savanna burning Client Education
"Guidance - Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Wastwater method"
Guidance to completing forms
Fact Sheets
1. Client Education Clearance Form
Tracking documents and statitistics
Regulatory guidance
Sequestration education tools
Guidance - Soil carbon using default values
Procurement - Guide to soil carbon using default values method
Client Education Contact Centre Scripts
Industrial Energy and Fuel Efficiency Method
Finance and Budget
Weekly Reports to GM
ERF Register Master
Client Education - strategies and planning
Interagency Liaison
Guidance - Commercial and Public Lighting
Guidance - Facilities method
Client Education Administration
Land and Forest Education
Waste Education
Contact Centre
Guidance - ERF General
Calendar of Events 2016 all sectors
Influencer analysis 2014
Guidance - Herd Management
DoE-AI-CER collaboration
Contact Centre Extract (CRM) - Data Analysis
Guidance - oil and gas fugitives method
online modules - University of Melbourne procurement and contract management
Guidance - Fans Method
Guidance - ANREU
Online module - ERF is it right for your business
"Technical Working Group (TWG) Minutes - Land, Forest, savanna burning and waste"
Research on resources
Guidance - High Efficiency Commercial Appliances Method
RET State Territory Roundtable Feb-Mar 2015
2016 Energy Efficiency - ERF Workshops
ERF Contracts - Identification and treatment of compliance issues
Savanna burning projects reporting
Public register reconciliation
Crediting and Certification processes
ERF Contracts Work Instuctions
Delegations and Instrument of Authorisation
Process Development
Application Forms
Project Application Assessment Tools
ERF Project and Report Processing Templates
CRM Guidance
Project Alert List
Regulatory additionality
Legal Advice
Reference Data
ERF Land and Forest Offset Report Assessment Tools
ERF Land and Forest Registration Assessment Tools
ERF Land and Forest Variation Assessment tools
Approvals of assessment tools
2016 Auction planning
Method - Commercial Buildings
SOPs and processes
Method - Commercial Appliances
Method - Beef cattle herd management
Method - Model-based soil carbon
Method - Fertiliser use in irrigated cotton
Method - Measurement-based soil carbon
Method - Commercial and public lighting
Method - Refrigeration and ventilation fans
Method - Variable speed drives
Method - Facilities
Method - Industrial Electricity and Fuel Efficiency
Method - Oil and gas fugitives
Method - Coal mine waste gas
Method - Aggregated small energy users
Method - Savanna burning sequestration
Method - High and low rainfall savanna burning
Method - Aviation transport
Method - Land and sea transport
Method - Avoided clearing of native regrowth
Method - Avoided deforestation 1.1
Method - Verified carbon standards
Method - Human-induced regeneration FullCAM
Method - Modular forest sequestration
Method - Plantation forests
Method - Reforestation and afforestation 2.0
Method - Alternative waste treatment
Method - Biochar
"Method - Domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater"
Method - Landfill biofilters
Method - Landfill gas
Method - Source separated organic waste
Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee (ERAC)
Method - Waste to Energy
Baseline and crediting period review
Method - Community Buildings
Method - Cement and Concrete - industrial processes
Carbon Abatement Contract table - website updates
"2015-041 Project data for JAESC, SLT and others"
2015-023 1st Auction Results - Performance
2015-043 Data collected on ERF client service standards
07 2015 - July Significant Decisions Report
2015-050 ERF Data for the CEO weekly report
2015-051 Weekly FAE Report
08 2015 - August Significant Decisions Report
2015-054 GGAS Projects
2015-055 2015-16 Q1 SEED Report
ERF Register Master
2015-056 Minister's brief for the Geelong Regional Alliance Meeting
2015-057 ERF Projects in the Wentworth electorate
2015-058 ERF data for Regulator meeting
ERF Register Miscellaneous
2015-061 Monthly ERF Media Snapshot
09 2015 - September Significant Decisions Report
2015-067 2015-16 Quarterly ACCU Reports
10 2015 - October Signifiant Decisions Report
2015 October Senate Estimates Reports
2015-068 New ERF Register Project Descriptions
Final ERF Reports
2015-073 List of projects in the Mayo Electorate
2015-070 ANAO - ERF Performance Audit
2015-074 ERF Auction analysis for Minister Hunt
2015-075 Human Induced Regeneration projects
External Disclosure Notification
2015-076 2015-16 Q2 SEED Report
2015-077 Average ACCU processing times
2015-078 Minister Hunt's request for project addresses and mapping files
2015-079 Pre Auction 2 ERF application data
2015-080 - SafeWork SA request - reducing emissions on vehicles
2015-083 Savanna projects fuel use
11-2015 - November Significant Decisions Report
12 2015-December Significant Decisions Report
ERF Master draft versions
2015-084-RFI Information Request
SLT Briefs
Setting the RPP and STP
Safeguard Mechanism Regulation 2015 - comments on drafting
Safeguard Mechanism Rule - comments on drafting
Safeguard Mechanism Implementation Issues
Departmental Safeguard Factsheets
Information for Ministerial brief - current electricity generation - September 2015
Managed Investment Schemes - policy design
Out of auction contracting - regulatory posture
Regulatory additionality under the ERF - regulatory posture
Over-the-horizon project
Renewable Energy Target Annual Statement
Suppression of information from the Emissions Reduction Fund Register
ERF Broader Purchasing Strategy
Australian Capital Territory RET interaction with national RET Scheme
RET 100 kW small-scale generation unit vs power station
RET Liable Electricity
Replacement photovoltaic small generation units
Senate Estimates 2015 - 2016
EY review of the emissions reduction fund
Small-Scale Technology Percentage 2016
Product Templates
Published Products
Product Catalogue
Client Profiles
Abatement Profiles
Analytics Reports on SRES Data
Analysis of NGER spatial data
VEET secondment
Auditor to ANREU data analysis
ERF - Reports using CRM data
ERF NGER Landfills Reported Data Comparison
"NGER Audit - Correlation between auditors, audited entities and scheme"
CER - Time Series Graph
ANREU - Time Series Graphs
ANREU - Inactive Accounts
CER - Cross Scheme Participation Rates
ERF - Project Dashboard
ERF Indicators and warning program
ERF - Contractor Performance
Client Profiles - Analytics support
ERF - ANREU ACCU Transaction Flows
Active Monitoring Service
Analytics Consultancy
ASIC and ASIC Alerts
CER Implementation
Data Management Group
EDW - Enterprise Data Warehouse
Environscan of data analytics
Guidelines for reporting and escalating
Information Collection and Management Plan
Intel 101
Intell X 2013 - Optimising value in austere times
Intelligence Collection Strategy
Intelligence Reference Portal
Intelligence Systems
International Linking
Investigations and Enforcement
Tax Haven
ERF Auction related Intel and Analytics Products
PAAF Abatement Profiles
PAAF Supporting Tools and Artefacts
Target State Information Model (TSIM)
Australian Electoral Commission - AEC
AELERT - Australasian Environmental Law Enforcement and Regulators Network
AEMO (Energy Market Operator)
Attorney-General's Department - AGD
ANREU Transactions and Holdings Report
ASIC (Compliance Partnerships)
AusPost - Australia Post
CFI compliance log
Corrective Services
Department of Foreight Affars and Trade - (DFAT)
Department of Immigrations and Border Protection
Emissions and Energy Reporting System - (EERS)
Independent Princing and Regulatory Tribunal - (IPART)
Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia - (ITSA)
Medicare Australia
OPAL Group
Phoenix Working Group
REC Registry
QLD Dept of Transport and Main Roads - (QLD DTMR)
Residential Tenancies Authority
Telecommunication Act
MoUs and CER Information Sources
CPM Final Report
CPM Closure Tracking
Senate Estimates 19 Oct 2015
ERF Templates
ERF Guidance
Auditor Management Framework
CFI and ERF Readiness ? Audit and Assurance
Templates - auditor inspections
199. Review of 2015 NGER calculators
225. Clearance of NGER guide on aggregated facility reporting
246. Advice on proposed amendments to NGER Regs
248. Safeguard mechanism development
264. Reviewing the draft National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (Auditor Registration) Instrument 2015
283. Review of certificate surrender website content
306. Prime Agricultural Land amendments
New draft disclosure policies 2015
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Emission Reduction Fund Work Community Health and Safety ERF WCHS
Commonwealth Information Sharing Network
Emissions Intensity project
Proposed changes
Proposed changes
Proposed changes
Proposed changes
Completed changes
Proposed changes
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