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Objective three


Effective and efficient administration

The Clean Energy Regulator is working hard to build a strong reputation with its clients and the broader community. The Clean Energy Regulator is committed to being open and accessible, as outlined in the Regulator's Service Charter, and to providing clear guidance about regulatory requirements and timelines. This is expected to build client confidence and, in turn, increase the level of voluntary compliance, which will ultimately reduce administrative costs for the agency and compliance costs for clients. Over time, regulatory operations will be streamlined and integrated within and across the schemes to reduce regulatory burden and take advantage of the depth of regulatory experience within the agency. This will ensure consistency in service delivery and will provide a familiar point of contact to our clients.

The Clean Energy Regulator is also implementing a strong performance management system to allow for the monitoring, measurement and reporting on its regulatory performance. Standard operating procedures, strong internal controls and a risk based approach to resource allocation are all measures which contribute to effectiveness. These measures will also enable the Clean Energy Regulator to enhance operational efficiency, for example by allowing for the consistent execution of regulatory activities. The Clean Energy Regulator is committed to the principle of continuous improvement to achieve repeatable and reliable processes that minimise steps, reduce the risk of error and avoid multiple handling.

The Clean Energy Regulator will ensure that in the development of its business processes and external systems that it reflects the Government's commitments to business and industry to reduce the reporting burden. For example, the Clean Energy Regulator is undertaking a number of activities aimed at leveraging the Standard Business Reporting initiative including, in the shorter term, implementing the Auskey authentication service.


Administer schemes effectively

The Clean Energy Regulator will:

  • streamline and integrate operations within and across programs and schemes
  • streamline systems and processes within the agency
  • develop a strong culture of integrity and lawful decision making, and
  • develop a strong performance framework for the business and for staff.

The Clean Energy Regulator will achieve these goals and deliver on this expectation, by:

  1. developing an external business integration plan
  2. developing an internal business improvement plan
  3. valuing honesty, reliability and consistency, and
  4. aligning operational, business and strategic corporate plans.

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