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This website has an inbuilt print function that prepares information on our web pages, removing navigation and other elements, to improve the presentation of this material for printing.

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Portable Document Format (PDF)

Some lengthy publications and other documents are solely available on this website as a PDF and cannot be accessed as web pages.

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Problems viewing or printing PDFs

The following information may help you if you are experiencing problems with viewing or printing PDF documents:

  •  If a PDF document does not display, use the Refresh or Reload button located in your web browser's toolbar.

  • If it still is not displaying use the Back button in your web browser's toolbar. Once the page has finished loading, try the link to the PDF again.

  • If the text in the PDF is too small to read you can zoom in on the page using the Zoom tool located in the toolbar.

  • If you receive the message 'The page cannot be found' or 'Error 404' the document may have been moved or deleted. Please provide this feedback via the Contact us page.


Clean Energy Regulator videos are hosted on the YouTube service.

This website provides example images of its videos which then link to the corresponding YouTube clip.

If you experience difficulties with this service, you can provide feedback to YouTube directly.


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If you have any difficulties using this site, provide feedback on intended pages by using the ‘Was this page useful?’ button, located at the end of each page.

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