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Climate Solutions Fund

How does it work?

Take part in the Climate Solutions Fund

Here are the five key steps to you need to do.

  1. Find a project that suits you

    To find a project type that works for you, search our project list.

  2. Meet eligibility requirements

    You will need to meet some general eligibility requirements.

    See your chosen project for specific eligibility requirements.

  3. Register your project

    Set up a client portal account to register your project.

    To have your project approved, you must provide a forward abatement estimate. This is an estimate of the number of ACCUs that will be issued.

  4. Run project and complete compliance tasks

    You must complete specific tasks for your project. These tasks include reporting, monitoring, record keeping and auditing.

    There are also general reporting and auditing requirements.

  5. Claim and sell ACCUs

    Apply to claim ACCUs. This can be done as part of your reporting. ACCUs are then put in your ANREU account.

    You can sell all or some of your ACCUs in an auction to the government through a carbon abatement contract or a private buyer through a commercial agreement