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Climate Solutions Fund

Climate Solutions Fund — Implementing emissions reduction projects

The Clean Energy Regulator is gearing up for the Climate Solutions Fund.

The Fund was announced in February 2019 and builds on the success of the Emissions Reduction Fund. The Climate Solutions Fund marks a new phase and aims to deliver a step change to the offsets market in Australia by boosting the supply of carbon units. It will also help drive down transaction costs while maintaining integrity.

Opportunities: Emissions reduction projects can deliver new, diverse revenue streams for farmers and other scheme participants. New incentives will be available to encourage the growth of carbon projects of all sizes across the economy.

We want to work with interested individuals and organisations to co-design these approaches.

Any questions on method development should be directed to the Department of the Environment and Energy’s website as they are responsible for policy design.

Bring your ideas: If you have innovative ideas for a Climate Solutions Fund tool or process improvement, let us know.

Already running a project?

There will be ways for current participants to access a range of improvements and opportunities under the Climate Solutions Fund.

Soil carbon projects

We have launched our first simple guide to help you store carbon in your soil and start earning carbon credits.

Read more on soil carbon projects.

  • We recognise that clear information and awareness-raising encourages participation.
  • We know the project rules or methods are complex and technical. We want your help to develop simple method guides and other tools for this website.
  • We will be seeking feedback on a number of simple method guides in the coming months.
  • We will be working with key influencers in local communities, promoting the benefits of the Climate Solutions Fund through regional roadshows and other events across Australia.
  • A prospectus is coming soon. It will promote Climate Solutions Fund as an investment opportunity to attract new participants, ACCU purchasers and the financial sector.
  • We want your ideas on new approaches to increase the supply of emissions reduction projects by reducing barriers and increase participation.
  • We want to help catalyse new business models including to attract new sources of finance to invest in emissions reduction projects.
  • We will be exploring ways to:
    • Increase participation from small farmers and other players.
    • Brand co-benefits (like Indigenous employment opportunities) from projects that go beyond carbon abatement.
    • Assess barriers to participation for industrial facilities.
  • We will publish quarterly carbon market reports to improve transparency and highlight opportunities.
  • We want to partner with business developing climate solutions to recognise innovation and significant investment in emissions reduction projects.
  • We acknowledge there are compliance and other costs from emissions reduction projects.
  • We are exploring ways to streamline audits under the Climate Solutions Fund to drive down compliance costs.
  • Over the next year, we will be developing a suite of tools and ICT solutions to simplify reporting, reduce costs and complexity.
  • We are eager to develop, test and trial these technologies with you.

How it works

The Climate Solutions Fund is a part of Australia's 2030 emissions reduction plan.


Anyone can apply for the Climate Solutions Fund.