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Amount of exemption issued by activity

24 September 2020

The Clean Energy Regulator publishes an estimate of the total amount of exemption given for each emissions-intensive trade-exposed activity for a year by 30 March in the year after the year to which the exemptions relate. The amount of exemption for each activity is expressed in megawatt hours and as a percentage of the total amount of exemption granted for that year. The amount of exemption may change to reflect exemption certificate amendments, for example where an inaccurate amount of exemption was issued.

Before the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment Bill 2015 was passed partial exemption certificates were issued for the years from 2010 to 2014.

The table below provides a megawatt hour summary of exemption certificates per year issued.

documentasset:Amount of exemption issued by activity

Exemption certificate2020Alumina refining1,024,1912.8%
Exemption certificate2019Alumina refining1,097,6702.9%
Exemption certificate2018Alumina refining1,080,9972.8%
Exemption certificate2017Alumina refining1,120,9272.8%
Exemption certificate2016Alumina refining1,247,5303.0%
Exemption certificate2015Alumina refining1,222,3553.2%
Partial exemption certificate2014Alumina refining628,3652.4%
Partial exemption certificate2013Alumina refining871,0803.0%
Partial exemption certificate2012Alumina refining928,2922.8%
Partial exemption certificate2011Alumina refining1,043,3163.8%
Partial exemption certificate2010Alumina refining312,5203.5%
Exemption certificate2020Aluminium smelting22,847,01262.8%
Exemption certificate2019Aluminium smelting22,617,95259.0%
Exemption certificate2018Aluminium smelting23,296,15359.5%
Exemption certificate2017Aluminium smelting24,900,58561.9%
Exemption certificate2016Aluminium smelting25,327,06561.7%
Exemption certificate2015Aluminium smelting23,637,99062.3%
Partial exemption certificate2014Aluminium smelting16,944,47865.6%
Partial exemption certificate2013Aluminium smelting19,458,17766.2%
Partial exemption certificate2012Aluminium smelting21,186,08564.7%
Partial exemption certificate2011Aluminium smelting18,428,46466.9%
Partial exemption certificate2010Aluminium smelting6,186,02968.5%
Partial exemption certificate2013Cartonboard manufacturing29,6540.1%
Partial exemption certificate2012Cartonboard manufacturing44,2210.1%
Partial exemption certificate2011Cartonboard manufacturing53,7250.2%
Partial exemption certificate2010Cartonboard manufacturing14,0260.2%
Partial exemption certificate2011Dry pulp manufacturing36,5160.1%
Partial exemption certificate2010Dry pulp manufacturing8,475Less than 0.1%
Exemption certificate2020Integrated iron and steel manufacturing981,3692.7%
Exemption certificate2019Integrated iron and steel manufacturing1,082,5802.8%
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