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Application requirements and eligibility criteria

20 February 2019
RET ​​​​​​

Power stations that generate electricity from an eligible (renewable) energy source can apply to participate in the Renewable Energy Target by making an application for power station accreditation.​​

In order for a power station to be accredited, an application for accreditation needs to be made that meets the requirements set out in the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 (REE Act) and Renewable Energy (Electricity) Regulations 2001 (Regulations). The application is required to be 'properly made' and demonstrate that the power station meets the eligibility criteria set out in the REE Act.

  • A 'properly made' application is an application that meets the application requirements outlined in section 13 of the REE Act. The application must include all required information and supporting documents.
  • The eligibility criteria for power stations (for the purposes of accreditation) are contained in section 14 of the REE Act ​and regulation 4 of the Regulations.
  • An application for accreditation can only be made by an owner or operator of the power station who is a registered person under the REE Act. The applicant becomes the nominated person of the power station if it is accredited.

The following information provides an outline of key requirements that need to be met when making an application for accreditation. Detailed guidance on how to meet these requirements is available through links below.

The Application to accredit a power station demonstration video shows you how to lodge an application for accreditation of a power station in the REC registry.

​Key requirements for power station accreditation

Eligible energy sources

To be eligible for accreditation, some or all of the power generated by the power station must be generated from an eligible renewable energy source. Once a power station is accredited, the nominated person can create large-scale generation certificates (LGCs) for electricity generated from eligible energy sources.

Eligible renewable energy sources and energy sources that are not eligible are listed in section 17 of the RE​E Act.

For more information, see eligible ene​rgy sources.

Components of the power station

​When assessing an application for accreditation, the Clean Energy Regulator will also make a determination in relation to which components (or parts) of an electricity generation system are taken to be a power station for the purposes of accreditation. You must identify the components (or parts) of the electricity generation system that you consider to be a power station in your application for accreditation.

Refer to schedule 1 of the Regulations for guidance on how to identify the components of your power station.

For more information on how to present information on components in your application, see components and electrical single line diagram.


You must demonstrate that the meters which the power station will use to measure electricity generation produce accurate measurements meeting the Clean Energy Regulator's standards for establishing eligibility of LGCs in accordance with the REE Act.

Power stations are required to include information in their application for accreditation showing how meters will measure electricity generation in accordance with the power station's LGC methodology under the general formula.

If the power station is in the National Electricity Market (NEM), the power station is required to use NEM standard metering for its connection point meter. If the power station is outside the NEM, the metering used by the power station at the connection point must meet equivalent jurisdictional standards.

The Clean Energy Regulator provides metering guidance for meters used to measure eligible electricity generation for the purposes of calculating LGC entitlement.

For guidance on the LGC creation and claims process, see creating and registering LGCs.

Agreement to the making of an application for accreditation of a power station

If you are not the only owner or operator for your power station, you must obtain consent of other owners or operators of the power station to your making of the application. A written statement indicating that this agreement has been given is required to accompany your application for accreditation.

You can meet this requirement by getting each owner or operator to complete a Stakeholder agreement to making of an application form.

Large-scale generation certificate methodology

When applying for accreditation, you will need to specify how you will measure the amount of eligible electricity generated by the power station for the purposes of LGC creation and include a methodology to this effect.

For more information, see large-scale generation certificate general formula and metering guidance.

Operation in accordance with Commonwealth, state, territory or local government laws​

To be accredited under the REE Act, a power station must be operated in accordance with any relevant Commonwealth, state, territory or local government planning and approval requirements.

For more information, see operation in accordance ​with Commonwealth, state, territory or local approvals​.

Expanding an existing small generation unit to a power station

Small generation units (SGU) that add additional capacity to have a total capacity of over 100 kW may be eligible for accreditation under the Renewable Energy Target.

Additional requirements apply if you are making an application for accreditation of a power station, where there is a pre-existing SGU at the site that has previously created small-scale technology certificates. In this circumstance to ensure electricity generated is not issued with certificates twice, you are required to identify the SGU (or SGUs) and provide supporting information relating to the SGU in your application for accreditation.

For more information, see, requirements for upgrading a small generation unit to a power station.

For more information on the information required in your applicat​ion for accreditation, see components and electrical single line diagram​.

Further information

Guidance is available to assist you in completing an application for accreditation, and how to submit a claim for LGCs. There is also a webinar and ​instructional videos if you require further information.

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