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Document requirements for small-scale system installations

05 May 2021

Under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, all signed compliance statements, forms, certificates, reports, photos and invoices must be retained for a minimum period of five years after certificates are created.

Registered agents, who have had the right to create small-scale technology certificates (STCs) assigned to them by system owners, must provide certain documentation when claiming STCs. The Clean Energy Regulator may request these documents at any time to prove that the system was eligible for STCs.

Registered agents should customise their own combined STC assignment forms and written compliance statements to incorporate additional explanatory text, company logos and other features.

Individuals and small businesses who wish to claim STCs without assigning the right to a registered agent, will have different document requirements to those set out below. See document requirements for system owners claiming STCs for more information.

Documents for small generation units

Documents required for small generation units (solar panel, wind, hydro) include:

  • A written compliance statement documentasset:CER-RET-014 Compulsory written statements for small-scale technology certificate creation to confirm the system meets all relevant Australian and New Zealand standards, and all local, state or territory requirements.
  • A written compliance statement to confirm the installer has at least AUD$5 million public liability insurance, and complies with the Clean Energy Council (CEC) code of conduct for system installations.
  • A documentasset:CER-RET-015 Onsite verification statement by the system owner to verify that the accredited installer has attended the system installation or supervised it in accordance with the CEC install and supervise guidelines.
  • A documentasset:CER-RET-016 Small-scale technology certificate assignment form where the owner of the system has assigned their right to create the certificates.
  • All state or territory government electrical installation compliance documentation such as a certificate of electrical safety and, in Western Australia, a Notice of Completion (from 24 December 2020).
  • If requested, evidence of verified solar panel serial numbers, such as manufacturer or authorised supplier confirmation (solar small generation units).
  • If requested, information demonstrating that the serial numbers entered into the REC Registry are the serial numbers of solar panels installed at the address, such as a clear photo of the barcode label or sticker, obtained from the solar panel label. Panel barcodes that have been scanned from pallet sheets or similar do not demonstrate the installation of panels. It is recommended that these photos are taken at the time of installation to avoid returning to the site after installation and delays in processing.
  • If requested, information demonstrating that the accredited installer entered into the REC Registry attended the installation at job set up, mid-installation and during testing and commissioning, in accordance with section six of the CEC install and supervise guidelines for accredited installers. Information demonstrating an accredited installer was onsite could include photographic identification of the accredited installer (with time and date metadata or geo-location data) during installation job set up, mid-installation check-up and testing and commissioning.

Please note that documents can be uploaded into the REC Registry at the time of submitting your application using the document upload functionality. This reduces the need to contact us throughout the STC claim process and can potentially expedite the assessment process. Applications may be failed if you are unable to provide additional information to support your claim for STCs.

Documents for solar water heaters or air source heat pumps

If the owner of the solar water heater or air source heat pump has elected to assign the right to create STCs, the Clean Energy Regulator may request you submit a documentasset:CER-RET-016 Small-scale technology certificate assignment form and commissioning or compliance certificate to verify the system's installation.

For solar water heaters with a capacity greater than 700 L, you must also provide:

Submitting your documents

All paperwork must be completed and signed before creating STCs. The Clean Energy Regulator may request this paperwork and any additional information requests (e.g. photographs of solar panel serial numbers and/or verification they are eligible for STCs) at any time during the STC audit and validation process.

All supporting documentation including statutory declarations must be provided to the Clean Energy Regulator on our request or during the registration of STCs via REC Registry. A document upload function within the online form is available for small generation units. This is currently not available for solar water heaters and air source heat pumps.

If you have any questions about completing the required documentation, please email

Failure to provide required documentation

The documents outlined on this page are designed to assist you to ensure you have collected all the necessary information to create STCs under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 and the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Regulations 2001.

Agents creating STCs should obtain all documentation they believe is relevant for supporting the eligibility of the system and STC claim. In addition to the documents listed above, this may include invoices, rates notices (to establish the correct address) or contract information.

The Clean Energy Regulator expects agents to perform their own due diligence checks in addition to collecting the required documentation. Agents are expected to make their own business decisions regarding the level of risk they may have and how they wish to manage that risk including according to their STC claim activities and volume. For example, relying solely on documentation to verify the eligibility of the system may not be sufficient to confirm the authenticity of installer declarations regarding their accreditation and presence at the site during installation. Additional checks (such as contacting the installer directly) should form part of agent processes to be assured of the reliability of information submitted in STC claims. Additional checks to ensure the reliability of information also informs our understanding of an agent’s risk management and compliance processes and their fitness to participate in the scheme.

Failure to provide required documentation and/or additional information supporting eligibility requirements may result in:

  • STCs being failed and unable to be traded or sold in the market
  • a warning issued and further education in response to first or minor offences
  • a review of fit and proper person status
  • suspension from participating in the scheme for ongoing or serious offences
  • civil or criminal prosecution, if required.

If you suspect issues with fraud or compliance, please email or phone 1300 553 542.

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