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Exemption approved for each EITE activity for 2014

29 September 2017

Under section 38C of the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 and regulation 22E(3) of the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Regulations 2001, the Clean Energy Regulator publishes the total amount of exemptions approved for each emissions-intensive trade-exposed (EITE) activity. These details are published by 1 October each year.

For the latest summary of exemptions for EITE activities, visit the Emissions-intensive trade-exposed activity summaries page.

Exemption approved for each EITE activity for 2014

EITE activity2014 ​exemption (MWh)Share of total exemption
Aluminium smelting16,944,47865.6%
Smelting zinc1,322,7275.1%
Petroleum refining946,2173.7%
Manufacture of newsprint832,9313.2%
Packaging and industrial paper manufacturing640,0952.5%
Alumina refining622,3372.4%
Production of manganese601,9052.3%
Integrated iron and steel manufacturing579,1612.2%
Manufacture of carbon steel from cold ferrous feed464,8211.8%
Production of copper344,5261.3%
Production of silicon301,4351.2%
Production of clinker248,3301.0%
Production of chlorine gas and sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) solution201,3360.8%
Production of nickel184,5670.7%
Tissue paper manufacturing161,6850.6%
Manufacture of reconstituted wood-based panels156,7670.6%
Production of magnetite concentrate147,7880.6%
Production of glass containers142,7950.6%
Production of ammonia105,9980.4%
Printing and writing paper manufacturing86,1300.3%
Production of polyethylene82,0830.3%
Production of magnesia76,1300.3%
Production of rolled aluminium74,3570.3%
Production of ammonium nitrate66,3320.3%
Production of ethene (ethylene)59,3330.2%
Integrated production of lead and zinc58,8900.2%
Production of lime55,7950.2%
Production of glass wool48,0720.2%
Production of carbamide (urea)42,4630.2%
Production of synthetic rutile39,7540.2%
Production of white titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment31,8010.1%
Production of iron ore pellets28,9630.1%
Production of high purity ethanol26,1880.1%
Production of methanol21,744< 0.1%
Production of bulk flat glass18,487< 0.1%
Production of helium16,624< 0.1%
Production of polymer grade propene (polymer grade propylene)7,245< 0.1%
Production of dried distillers grains with solubles7,227< 0.1%
Production of hydrogen peroxide6,260< 0.1%
Production of ceramic floor and wall tiles5,396< 0.1%
Production of fused alumina4,181< 0.1%
Production of fused zirconia2,251< 0.1%
Production of glass beads1,899< 0.1%
Production of liquefied natural gas1,414< 0.1%
Production of coke oven coke305< 0.1%
Production of sodium silicate glass250< 0.1%
Cartonboard manufacturing00.0%
Dry pulp manufacturing00.0%
Production of carbon black00.0%
Production of coal char00.0%
Production of sodium carbonate (soda ash) and sodium bicarbonate00.0%
Rendering of animal by-products00.0%

Please note that this table was originally published on 30 September 2014 and updated on 10 March 2015, 30 September 2016​ and 29 September 2017.​

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