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Rooftop Solar Sector Review

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13 October 2020

The Clean Energy Regulator is conducting a review into the rooftop solar PV sector.

The review was announced by the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction on 24 August 2020. The process will be supported by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources and is expected to take two months.

This follows unprecedented growth in the sector and a range of reports of consumer issues including defective installations, misuse of accreditation details, and safety and quality concerns.

This a review into the rooftop solar sector; it is not a review of the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) incentive.

Terms of Reference

The review will consider:

  1. The effectiveness of the accreditation process of installers, including ongoing compliance arrangements, to ensure systems are installed by persons who are appropriately trained, competent, and operate with integrity.
  2. The effectiveness of the approval process for key components (i.e. solar PV panels and inverters), including ongoing compliance arrangements, to ensure components comply with relevant product standards.
  3. The effectiveness of the SRES legislative framework and processes in ensuring the compliance of solar PV retailers and installers with their obligations under the scheme and protecting consumers against inappropriate sales and installation practices including financing.
  4. The need for amendments to the SRES regulatory framework and processes to improve integrity, accountability and consumer protection measures in the rooftop solar PV sector.

Providing information

Owing to the short timeframes for this review we are not formally calling for public submissions; however, we will be undertaking targeted engagement with key stakeholder bodies including obtaining consumer complaint data from statutory bodies that investigate and deal with such matters.

The purpose of the review is to make integrity improvement recommendations to the Minister. The review will not be resolving specific consumer issues or complaints.

However, if you would like to provide us with information about your experience with the rooftop solar PV sector to inform the review, you can email us at Any information you provide will only be as background for the review in an aggregated format.

The Clean Energy Regulator does not have direct powers under consumer or electrical safety law. If you do have a current unresolved complaint about your solar PV installation or the rooftop solar PV sector, we recommend you raise your issue directly with your local state and territory consumer protection agency or electrical safety agency as appropriate.

If you choose to provide information, please ensure you include the follow information:

  • Name
  • Installation address
  • Installer name
  • The company that sold you the solar PV system
  • Nature of the experience/complaint (this must be as specific as possible, for example, installation quality or performance issues, contractual, installer behaviour, sales tactics or financing etc)
  • If you have already lodged a complaint with a consumer or electrical safety agency, please include the name of the agency, the date the complaint was lodged and whether or not it has been satisfactorily resolved.

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