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Large-scale Renewable Energy Target market data

16 August 2017

​The Large-scale Renewable Energy Target creates a financial incentive for the installation of renewable energy power stations. The target is designed to reduce emissions in the electricity sector and encourage additional generation from sustainable and renewable sources.

Investment in the renewables industry is dependent on the long-term economics of specific projects and is influenced by a range of market factors. Investors make informed decisions by analysing the available market data.

We are providing market information in an accessible format to:

  • increase transparency
  • ensure all market participants have equal access to data
  • drive investments in renewable energy generation technologies, and
  • assist liable entities to comply with the scheme.

Updated data will be published every month.

Like any other market, the large-scale generation certificate market is driven by supply and demand. The information available below provides an overview of supply and demand factors that impact the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target.

This data is current as at 1 August 2017.


Supply of large-scale generation certificat​es (LGCs) is an important consideration for all market participants, especially liable entities with obligations under the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target. The number of LGCs held in the REC Registry and the megawatt capacity of accredited power stations helps participants to quantify the level of supply. LGCs held in the REC Registry move between accounts regularly so registered holdings data should be considered as a guide only.

Following the deadline on 14 February 2017 for acquitting 2016 Large-scale Renewable Energy Target liability, a surplus of 13 450 281 ​LGCs remained in REC Registry accounts. This highlights that sufficient certificates were available to cover the 2016 surrender obligations of the entire market.

Based on generation from existing power stations and generation from newly accredited power stations the number of LGCs in the REC Registry will increase leading up to the 2017 acquittal period.

Total LGCs in the REC Registry on 16 Feb 2017Total LGCs in the REC Registry as at 1 August 2017MW of accredited projects (1 Jan 2016 to 1 August 2017)
13 450 28121 496 554 839

View the detailed Large-scale Renewable Energy Target supply data.


Demand for large-scale generation certificates (LGCs) gives an indication to the market of the large-scale renewable energy build required. The 2016 statutory demand for LGCs is established by the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000.

The 2016 total demand for LGCs is based on relevant electricity acquisitions during 2016 and the Renewable Power Percentage. The liability for individual electricity retailers in 2016 is based on the relevant electricity acquisitions for each retailer during the year. Any carried over shortfall amounts from 2015 are also included where applicable.

Due to some electricity retailers entering into shortfall in 2016, the 2016 LGCs surrendered is lower than the total demand for LGCs. The shortfall amount for 2016 includes LGCs where the shortfall charge was paid and LGCs where no shortfall charge was paid by electricity retailers with shortfall within 10% of their yearly liability. ​

2016 statutory demand for LGCs2016 total demand for LGCs2016 LGCs surrendered2017 statutory demand for LGCs
21 431 00022 033 45819 676 34226 031 000

View the detailed Large-scale Renewable Energy Target demand data.

The Clean Energy Regulator Act 2011 permits the Clean Energy Regulator to publish information that is already available to the public in an accessible form. This includes data from the REC Registry and information from other publicly available sources.

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