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12 May 2017

Reports to support the Kyoto Protocol

The Kyoto Protocol requires Australia to maintain a list of entities authorised by the government to participate in international emissions trading and to make that list available through the ANREU. Australia is also required to make certain information publicly available, and to provide a publicly accessible user interface through the internet that allows people to query and view the information.

Personal information of ANREU Account Representatives, including their identification numbers, names, addresses, email and phone and fax numbers, is confidential and is not published, in accordance with Decision 13/CMP.1 Paragraph 44 of the Conference of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol and Regulation 50 of the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units Regulations 2011.

Public reports can be found on the public reports page of ANREU.

Voluntary cancellations

The following voluntary cancellations of Kyoto units have been undertaken in the ANREU. This list is provided in accordance with Section 61B and 62 of the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units Act 2011.

EntityDate of TransactionNumber of UnitsUnit Type
Perenia Pty Ltd27/04/201753NKACCU
​Carbon Estate Pty Ltd10/04/20175,701KACCU
Corporate Carbon Advisory Pty Ltd30/03/20174,680NKACCU
Thomas Winklehner29/03/201716,031CER
Thomas Winklehner29/03/2017 1,641CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd23/03/2017103NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd5/01/20178,000NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd5/01/2017635NKACCU
Brisbane City Council22/12/201628,202NKACCU
Brisbane City Council22/12/201612,232KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd16/12/2016200KACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd12/12/201640NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd12/12/2016170NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd12/12/201630NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd12/12/201677NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd12/12/20163NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd12/12/201630NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd12/12/201659NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd12/12/201663NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd12/12/201650NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd12/12/20162,000NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd12/12/201610,000KACCU
Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation2/12/2016121KACCU
Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation Pty Ltd29/11/201610KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd11/11/2016500KACCU
Carbon Estate Pty Ltd2/11/2016299KACCU
Carbon Estate Pty Ltd27/10/20168,000KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.26/10/2016813KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd20/10/2016480NKACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd20/10/2016480KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.14/10/2016100KACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd10/10/201690NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd10/10/20165,263NKACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.7/10/2016100KACCU
Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation​6/09/201650KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd​10/08/201642NKACCU
Australian Carbon Traders Pty Ltd​9/08/2016250NKACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd​8/08/201650NKACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd​8/08/2016604KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd​8/08/20161,250KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd​8/08/2016157KACCU
The Sigma Global Company Pty Limited​5/08/20164,416KACCU
Greenfleet Australia as Trustee for the Greenfleet Trust​5/08/20166,000KACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd​14/07/20163,715CER
EnergyAustralia Pty Ltd​30/06/201653,569CER
Origin Energy Electricity Ltd​16/06/2016148,922CER
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd​9/06/2016573NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd​9/06/20162,376NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd​9/06/20164,762NKACCU
Aboriginal Carbon Fund Limited​7/06/20167,000KACCU
​Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.​31/05/201610,000​​KACCU
​Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.​31/05/2016100​KACCU​
​Climate Friendly Pty Ltd​9/05/201622,353​NKACCU​
​Thomas Winklehner​​21/04/2016​6,771​CER​
​Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council​​22/02/2016​50​KACCU
​​Thomas Winklehner21/01/20164,934​CER
Thomas Winklehner​21/01/2016​32,885​CER
Thomas Winklehner​4/01/2016​8,643​CER
​Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.20/11/2015​2,520​​CER
​Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.17/11/2015​​838,979​CER
Thomas Winklehner16/11/201525,771CER
Thomas Winklehner16/11/20159,232CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.16/11/201540,000CER
BP Energy Asia Pte. Limited13/11/201575,000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.13/11/20153,765CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.13/11/201510,000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.13/11/201510,000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.13/11/201510,000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.13/11/201510,000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.13/11/201534,558CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.12/11/201549,993CER
Thomas Winklehner10/11/201510,250CER
Perenia Pty Ltd6/11/20155,137CER
Westpac Banking Corporation6/11/201591,766ERU
Perenia Pty Ltd5/11/20157,441CER
Westpac Banking Corporation4/11/2015475,590CER
Perenia Pty Ltd29/10/20152,000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.28/10/201533,138CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.27/10/2015810KACCU
Perenia Pty Ltd22/10/201548,383CER
Perenia Pty Ltd20/10/2015102CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.19/10/201550,007CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.19/10/201514,000CER
Perenia Pty Ltd16/10/2015120CER
Perenia Pty Ltd16/10/2015221CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.12/10/201526,000ERU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.7/10/201522,371CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.30/09/201522,749CER
Westpac Banking Corporation25/09/2015240,369CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.23/09/20152,564CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.23/09/201526,536CER
Commonwealth Holding Account17/09/2015848,465AAU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.8/09/2015900CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.8/09/2015100KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.31/08/2015250CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.25/08/201594,000CER
Perenia Pty Ltd24/08/2015100CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.5/08/2015131,870CER
Perenia Pty Ltd24/07/2015150CER
Westpac Banking Corporation29/06/201510,000CER
Origin Energy Electricity Ltd15/06/201565,683CER
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd26/05/201524,332NKACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.20/05/2015187,301CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.25/03/201547,668CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.11/03/2015210,000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.5/02/2015248,370CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.27/01/20151,000CER
Westpac Banking Corporation11/11/2014802CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.16/10/201415,000CER
Westpac Banking Corporation7/10/2014241,534ERU, CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.13/08/2014100CER
Greenfleet Australia as Trustee for the Greenfleet Trust5/08/201451KACCU
Greenfleet Australia as Trustee for the Greenfleet Trust8/07/2014379KACCU
Westpac Banking Corporation21/03/201410,000CER
Westpac Banking Corporation18/10/2013684CER
Westpac Banking Corporation4/10/2013256,818ERU, CER
Climate Bridge Pty Ltd15/07/2013500CER
Commonwealth Holding Account22/04/20132,300,861AAU
Westpac Banking Corporation25/03/2013324CER
Westpac Banking Corporation19/12/201210,000CER
Carbon Banc Limited14/09/2012500CER
Westpac Banking Corporation15/03/201210,000CER

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