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14 October 2019

Reports to support the Kyoto Protocol

The Kyoto Protocol requires Australia to maintain a list of entities authorised by the government to participate in international emissions trading and to make that list available through the ANREU. Australia is also required to make certain information publicly available, and to provide a publicly accessible user interface through the internet that allows people to query and view the information.

Personal information of ANREU Account Representatives, including their identification numbers, names, addresses, email and phone and fax numbers, is confidential and is not published, in accordance with Decision 13/CMP.1 Paragraph 44 of the Conference of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol and Regulation 50 of the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units Regulations 2011.

Public reports can be found on the public reports page of ANREU.

Alterations to the Registry

The Clean Energy Regulator may make alterations to the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units (the Registry) under the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units Act 2011 or the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units Regulations 2011, to correct clerical errors within the Registry. The alterations are detailed in the table below.

AU-12323/08/2017Visy Paper Pty. Ltd. as the trustee for Southern Paper Converters Trust

In relation to account number AU-1232, the account holder name and account name have been updated to reflect the participant's correct legal name:

  • Account holder name updated from The Trustee for SOUTHERN PAPER CONVERTERS TRUST to Visy Paper Pty. Ltd. as the trustee for Southern Paper Converters Trust.
  • Account name updated from Visy Paper Pty Ltd to Visy Paper Pty. Ltd. as the trustee for Southern Paper Converters Trust.
AU-143625/05/2017Dunkeld Pastoral Co. Pty. Ltd. as the Trustee for Yasme Trust

In relation to account number AU-1436, the account holder name and account name has been updated to reflect the participant's correct legal name:

  • Account holder name updated from DUNKELD PASTORAL CO. PTY. LTD. to Dunkeld Pastoral Co. Pty. Ltd. as the Trustee for Yasme Trust.
  • Account name updated from Dunkeld Pastoral Co Pty Ltd to Dunkeld Pastoral Co. Pty. Ltd. as the Trustee for Yasme Trust.

Voluntary cancellations

The following voluntary cancellations of Kyoto units have been undertaken in the ANREU. This list is provide​d in accordance with Section 61B and 62 of the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units Act 2011.

Downloadable version of the Voluntary cancellations table

documentasset: Voluntary cancellations

EntityDate of TransactionNumber of UnitsUnit Type​
EKI Energy Services Limited10/10/201943CER
EKI Energy Services Limited10/10/20199CER
EKI Energy Services Limited10/10/201981CER
EKI Energy Services Limited10/10/201973CER
EKI Energy Services Limited10/10/2019112CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/201950CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/20191000CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/201924,197CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/201910,000CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/2019221CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/2019330CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/2019548CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/201910,316CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/20192000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.27/09/201939,287CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/201999CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/2019152CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/2019229CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/201936CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/201995CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/20192CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/2019171CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/2019233CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/2019171CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/20195174CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/20194578CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/2019214CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/2019200CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/2019123CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited27/09/2019454CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd24/09/20194499KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd24/09/201917,659KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd24/09/20193634KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd24/09/201914,208KACCU
Brisbane City Council19/09/201930,000KACCU
Natural Capital Partners Americas, LLC12/09/2019100CER
Natural Capital Partners Americas, LLC12/09/20197631CER
Natural Capital Partners Americas, LLC12/09/20191500CER
Natural Capital Partners Americas, LLC12/09/201914,400CER
Natural Capital Partners Americas, LLC12/09/2019685CER
Natural Capital Partners Americas, LLC12/09/2019151,900CER
Natural Capital Partners Americas, LLC12/09/201915,558CER
South Australian Water Corporation11/09/201910,486KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd11/09/2019700NKACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd11/09/2019800KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.9/09/201912CER
EKI Energy Services Limited6/09/20191263CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.6/09/201923KACCU
Biodiverse Carbon Conservation Pty Limited3/09/20192331CER
Jeremy Martyn Dore1/09/20196KACCU
Jeremy Martyn Dore1/09/201910KACCU
EKI Energy Services Limited30/08/2019440CER
Aboriginal Carbon Fund Limited30/08/20199524KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd29/08/2019220KACCU
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited28/08/20191003CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited28/08/201925CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited28/08/2019171CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited28/08/2019413CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited28/08/201970CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited28/08/201940CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited28/08/2019180CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd22/08/201995KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd22/08/20193000KACCU
EKI Energy Services Limited20/08/201929,000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.19/08/201923KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.19/08/2019300,000CER
Origin Energy Electricity Ltd15/08/201982,777CER
Australian Carbon Traders Pty Ltd14/08/201940KACCU
Australian Carbon Traders Pty Ltd14/08/201910KACCU
Mallee Carbon Limited12/08/2019460KACCU
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited4/08/20191322CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited4/08/201997CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited4/08/201915CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited4/08/2019490CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited4/08/2019216CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited4/08/201911CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited4/08/20197CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited4/08/201925CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited4/08/2019193CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited4/08/201977CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited4/08/20192125CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited4/08/201959CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited4/08/201991CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited4/08/2019282CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited4/08/201979CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited4/08/2019201CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited4/08/201935CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited2/08/2019987CER
The Sigma Global Company Pty Limited30/07/20191507KACCU
The Sigma Global Company Pty Limited30/07/20191000NKACCU
The Sigma Global Company Pty Limited30/07/20192780CER
Yarra Valley Water Corporation30/07/201926,712CER
Yarra Valley Water Corporation30/07/20195972CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd23/07/2019804KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd23/07/2019796KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.16/07/20191800KACCU
Corporate Carbon Advisory Pty Ltd12/07/201915,515KACCU
Aboriginal Carbon Fund Limited11/07/20196429KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd10/07/20191KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd9/07/2019225KACCU
Carbon Estate Pty Ltd8/07/201973NKACCU
Carbon Estate Pty Ltd8/07/20191011KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.8/07/201929KACCU
WeAct Pty Ltd Custodial5/07/20195000CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd4/07/2019383KACCU
Jeremy Martyn Dore3/07/20196KACCU
Jeremy Martyn Dore3/07/20195KACCU
EKI Energy Services Limited3/07/201914,798CER
South Australian Water Corporation3/07/20197688KACCU
Carbon Estate Pty Ltd28/06/20193800KACCU
Climate Friendly Pty Ltd28/06/20193000KACCU
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited23/06/2019408CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited23/06/201913CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited23/06/201945CER
Aboriginal Carbon Fund Limited19/06/20191500KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd18/06/201940KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd18/06/201950KACCU
EKI Energy Services Limited7/06/20194838CER
Aboriginal Carbon Fund Limited31/05/2019274KACCU
The Sigma Global Company Pty Limited28/05/20195192NKACCU
The Sigma Global Company Pty Limited28/05/20193000KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited26/05/20195336CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited26/05/201927CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited26/05/2019419CER
Biodiverse Carbon Conservation Pty Limited24/05/20191500KACCU
Corporate Carbon Advisory Pty Ltd23/05/201915,536KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.21/05/201925KACCU
EKI Energy Services Limited17/05/20194000CER
Mallee Carbon Limited15/05/201995KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.13/05/2019808,379CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.13/05/2019989CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.13/05/20191345CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd7/05/2019208KACCU
Carbon Estate Pty Ltd24/04/20191923KACCU
EnergyAustralia Pty Ltd18/04/2019525,041CER
EnergyAustralia Pty Ltd18/04/201914,860KACCU
EnergyAustralia Pty Ltd18/04/20196270NKACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd11/04/2019400KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd11/04/2019136KACCU
Corporate Carbon Advisory Pty Ltd11/04/201951,449KACCU
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited10/04/2019100CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited10/04/2019100CER
EKI Energy Services Limited8/04/20195591CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd2/04/20191984CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd2/04/2019755KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd2/04/201915KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd2/04/20191146KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.1/04/201914NKACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.1/04/201962KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd29/03/2019600KACCU
South Australian Water Corporation28/03/20199781KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd26/03/2019301KACCU
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited26/03/20196666CER
WeAct Pty Ltd22/03/201968,287tCER
WeAct Pty Ltd22/03/20193713CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.15/03/201924NKACCU
​​Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited9/03/2019​8​CER​
​Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited9/03/2019​208​CER​
​Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited9/03/201980​CER​
​Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited9/03/2019​177​CER​
​Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited9/03/2019​50​CER​
​Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited9/03/2019​100​CER​
​Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited9/03/2019​100​CER​
​Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited9/03/2019​10​CER​
​Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited9/03/2019​10​CER​
​Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.​​19/02/2019​5862​CER​
​EKI Energy Services Limited1​​8/02/2019​22,072​CER​
​EKI Energy Services Limited1​​8/02/2019​44,770​CER​
​EKI Energy Services Limited1​​8/02/2019​36,064​CER​
​EKI Energy Services Limited1​​8/02/2019​11,503​CER​
​Terra Carbon Pty Ltd​​15/02/20191​KACCU
​Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.​​12/02/2019​24​NKACCU​
​Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.12/02/201924​NKACCU
​Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.​​8/02/2019​46,571​CER​
WeAct Pty Ltd​​​​8/02/2019​8,374tCER​
​WeAct Pty Ltd​8/02/20​1917,365​​CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited​​7/02/2019​5,000CER​
​Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited​5/02/2019​30,849CER
​EKI Energy Services Limited5/02/2019​5,000​CER​
EnergyAustralia Pty Ltd​​1/02/2019​978​KACCU
EnergyAustralia Pty Ltd​​1/02/201935,656​CER​
EnergyAustralia Pty Ltd​1/02/2019​​1​CER
​Australian Carbon Traders Pty Ltd31/01/2019​10​KACCU​​
Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Pty Ltd 29/01/20195771KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd29/01/20191470KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd29/01/201930KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd29/01/201930KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd29/01/20191470KACCU
Aboriginal Carbon Fund Limited22/01/201917,408KACCU
Aboriginal Carbon Fund Limited22/01/201950KACCU
​WeAct Pty Ltd21/01/201914,448tCER
WeAct Pty Ltd21/01/20195552tCER
WeAct Pty Ltd21/01/20195000CER
WeAct Pty Ltd21/01/201938,631CER
​Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd16/01/2019200KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd16/01/2019615KACCU
​​Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited9/1/201922CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited9/1/2019800CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited9/1/2019 926 CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited9/1/20191907CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited9/1/201918CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited9/1/20191009CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited9/1/2019960CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited9/1/201989CER
​Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.24/12/201823NKACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd20/12/2018193CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd18/12/2018344KACCU
Corporate Carbon Advisory Pty Ltd18/12/20181NKACCU
WeAct Pty Ltd18/12/201830,000CER
WeAct Pty Ltd17/12/201810tCER
WeAct Pty Ltd17/12/2018490CER
Clean Energy Finance Corporation17/12/201811KACCU
Biodiverse Carbon Conservation Pty Limited17/12/20181785KACCU
Biodiverse Carbon Conservation Pty Limited14/12/20183000CER
Biodiverse Carbon Conservation Pty Limited14/12/20183586CER
WeAct Pty Ltd14/12/201810CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.10/12/20181783KACCU
​​​​Perenia Pty Ltd 5/12/2018 60,000 CER
Perenia Pty Ltd 5/12/2018 65,000 CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd. 30/11/2018 3000 KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd. 30/11/2018 700 NKACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd 30/11/2018 230 KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd 29/11/2018 3 NKACCU
Corporate Carbon Advisory Pty Ltd 28/11/2018 2150 KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd 28/11/2018 582 KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd 28/11/2018 582 KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd 28/11/2018 226 KACCU
Aboriginal Carbon Fund Limited 27/11/2018 400 KACCU
Clean Energy Finance Corporation 27/11/2018 1140 KACCU
EKI Energy Services Limited26/11/2018 5036 CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited 22/11/2018 170 CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited 22/11/2018 990 CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited 22/11/2018 445 CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited 22/11/2018 323 CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited 22/11/2018 13 CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited 22/11/2018 16 CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited 22/11/2018 2924 CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited22/11/2018 44 CER
WeAct Pty Ltd 22/11/2018 1 CER
WeAct Pty Ltd 22/11/2018 1 CER
WeAct Pty Ltd21/11/2018 1 CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.21/11/2018 3000 KACCU
EKI Energy Services Limited19/11/2018335CER
EKI Energy Services Limited19/11/2018415CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd13/11/2018653KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd13/11/2018135KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd13/11/2018122KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd8/11/20185547KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd8/11/20187401KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd8/11/201810,333KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd8/11/2018700KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd8/11/20189883KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd8/11/2018450KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd8/11/20183603KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd8/11/20181397KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd8/11/20182233KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd8/11/2018750KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd8/11/2018157KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd8/11/201865KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd7/11/2018100NKACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.6/11/201823NKACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd1/11/201850KACCU
Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd31/10/201827,406KACCU
Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd31/10/201892KACCU
Aboriginal Carbon Fund Limited27/10/201861KACCU
Preview Enterprises Pty Ltd25/10/2018193KACCU
Mallee Carbon Limited23/10/20181916KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.22/10/201823NKACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.22/10/201822NKACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.22/10/201823NKACCU
Terra Carbon Pty Ltd18/10/2018358KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd18/10/201867KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd18/10/2018252KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd18/10/2018200KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd18/10/2018675KACCU
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited11/10/2018190CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited11/10/201819CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited11/10/20181017CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited11/10/2018577CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd11/10/20181050NKACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd11/10/201840KACCU
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited11/10/20183972CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited8/10/201856CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited8/10/2018595CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited8/10/2018253CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited8/10/2018244CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited8/10/201840CER
AGL Hydro Partnership4/10/201838,107KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd4/10/2018600KACCU
Brisbane City Council4/10/201833,750KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.26/09/201842,191CER
Clean Energy Finance Corporation14/09/2018787KACCU
​Biodiverse Carbon Conservation Pty Limited7/09/2018400CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd7/09/2018750KACCU
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited6/09/20182​070CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited6/09/201848CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd5/09/2018500KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd5/09/2018800KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty Ltd5/09/2018904NKACCU
Aboriginal Carbon Fund Ltd.​5/09/20185​500KACCU
Biodiverse Carbon Conservation Pty. Ltd.4/09/20188000CER
Biodiverse Carbon Conservation Pty. Ltd.4/09/201812,000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.30/08/20188000KACCU
AGL Hydro Partnership27/08/20182​​320KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.24/08/201894KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.24/08/2018344KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.24/08/2018250KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.15/08/2018135,000CER
Biodiverse Carbon Conservation Pty. Ltd.14/08/20181000KACCU
Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd.3/08/201845CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd.3/08/2018852CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd.3/08/2018794CER
Aboriginal Carbon Fund Ltd.24/07/20188679KACCU
Aboriginal Carbon Fund Ltd.24/07/201815,203KACCU
Aboriginal Carbon Fund Ltd.24/07/201814,418KACCU
Yarra Valley Water Corporation19/07/201828,357CER
Yarra Valley Water Corporation19/07/20185814CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.19/07/2018200KACCU
Aboriginal Carbon Fund Ltd.17/07/20188356KACCU
Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd.13/07/201865CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd.13/07/2018901CER
​Origin Energy Electricity Ltd.29/06/201898,123CER
South Australian Water Corporation29/06/2018211,159KACCU
Yarra Valley Water Corporation29/06/20186243CER
​Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.22/06/2018120KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.20/06/201810KACCU
Mallee Carbon Ltd.18/06/20185000KACCU
Carbon Estate Pty. Ltd.18/06/20181000KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.15/06/2018720KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.15/06/201896KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.15/06/20181485KACCU
Brisbane City Council11/06/201846,696NKACCU
EnergyAustralia Pty. Ltd.4/06/201812,077CER
EnergyAustralia Pty. Ltd.4/06/2018350KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.31/05/201810,000KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.9/05/20181CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.7/05/2018400KACCU
Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd.3/05/20184795CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd.3/05/2018304CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd.3/05/201840CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.3/05/201860,000CER
EnergyAustralia Pty. Ltd.24/04/2018​579CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.24/04/201811KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.24/04/2018400KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.23/04/2018400KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.23/04/2018640KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.23/04/201810,423CER
Alfa (NT) Ltd.20/04/20184700KACCU
EnergyAustralia Pty. Ltd.17/04/20184750NKACCU
EnergyAustralia Pty. Ltd.17/04/20184750KACCU
EnergyAustralia Pty. Ltd.17/04/2018105,500CER
Australian Wildlife Conservancy10/04/201829KACCU
Thomas Winklehner10/04/20186222CER
Thomas Winklehner10/04/20181560CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.3/04/201850NKACCU
Virgin Australia Airlines Pty. Ltd.6/03/201812,623CER
Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd.2/03/201810CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.2/03/20185000CER
Thomas Winklehner21/02/20181121CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.13/02/2018150NKACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.13/02/2018100KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.13/02/20181160NKACCU
Thomas Winklehner6/02/20187544CER
Thomas Winklehner6/02/20183319CER
Thomas Winklehner6/02/20182678CER
Perenia Pty. Ltd.5/02/2018121NKACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.31/01/201850,000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.31/01/2018350KACCU
Perenia Pty. Ltd.30/01/2018141NKACCU
Perenia Pty. Ltd.30/01/201853NKACCU
Perenia Pty. Ltd.30/01/201810NKACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.12/01/2018196KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.20/12/201710KACCU
Biodiverse Carbon Conservation Pty. Ltd.1/12/2017155CER
Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation30/11/201790KACCU
Perenia Pty. Ltd.28/11/201787NKACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.20/11/201780KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.20/11/2017700NKACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.20/11/2017800KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.17/11/2017932,798CER
Country Carbon Pty. Ltd.10/11/201754KACCU
Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd.3/11/201750CER
Virgin Australia Airlines Pty. Ltd.31/10/201724,855KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.27/10/20175000NKACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.27/10/20171250KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.27/10/20171250KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.27/10/2017608KACCU
Biodiverse Carbon Conservation Pty. Ltd.30/10/201775CER
Thomas Winklehner25/10/20174443CER
Thomas Winklehner25/10/2017540CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.20/10/2017500NKACCU
Thomas Winklehner10/10/20176344CER
Thomas Winklehner10/10/20173286CER
Thomas Winklehner10/10/20178173CER
Biodiverse Carbon Conservation Pty. Ltd.9/10/2017170CER
Biodiverse Carbon Conservation Pty. Ltd.9/10/20177000CER
H.E.Q. Pty. Ltd.6/10/201740KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.26/09/20173235KACCU
Perenia Pty. Ltd.26/09/2017668NKACCU
Perenia Pty. Ltd.05/09/2017190NKACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.14/08/2017304CER
Origin Energy Electricity Ltd.10/08/2017119,057CER
Carbon Estate Pty. Ltd.10/08/20177KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.8/08/20171600KACCU
Perenia Pty. Ltd.21/07/2017100NKACCU
Perenia Pty. Ltd.21/07/2017165NKACCU
Perenia Pty. Ltd.21/07/201750NKACCU
Perenia Pty. Ltd.21/07/201723NKACCU
Australian Carbon Traders Pty. Ltd.20/07/201750NKACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.12/07/201714,000NKACCU
BP Energy Asia Pte. Ltd.7/07/20175000CER
Perenia Pty. Ltd.5/07/2017706NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.5/07/201767NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.5/07/2017105NKACCU
Perenia Pty. Ltd.3/07/20174000NKACCU
Australian Integrated Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.29/06/201775,000CER
Aboriginal Carbon Fund Ltd.23/06/20175000KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.23/06/2017125CER
​Corporate Carbon Advisory Pty. Ltd​​9/06/2017​30,000​NKACCU
​Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.​5/06/2017​1068​NKACCU
​Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.​5/06/2017​150​NKACCU
​Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.​5/06/2017​121​NKACCU​
Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation Pty. Ltd.22/05/201750KACCU
Perenia Pty. Ltd.27/04/201753NKACCU
​Carbon Estate Pty. Ltd.10/04/20175701KACCU
Corporate Carbon Advisory Pty. Ltd.30/03/20174680NKACCU
Thomas Winklehner29/03/201716,031CER
Thomas Winklehner29/03/2017 1641CER
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.23/03/2017103NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.5/01/20178000NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.5/01/2017635NKACCU
Brisbane City Council22/12/201628,202NKACCU
Brisbane City Council22/12/201612,232KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.16/12/2016200KACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.12/12/201640NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.12/12/2016170NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.12/12/201630NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.12/12/201677NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.12/12/20163NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.12/12/201630NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.12/12/201659NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.12/12/201663NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.12/12/201650NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.12/12/20162000NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.12/12/201610,000KACCU
Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation2/12/2016121KACCU
Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation Pty. Ltd.29/11/201610KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.11/11/2016500KACCU
Carbon Estate Pty. Ltd.2/11/2016299KACCU
Carbon Estate Pty. Ltd.27/10/20168000KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.26/10/2016813KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.20/10/2016480NKACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.20/10/2016480KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.14/10/2016100KACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.10/10/201690NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.10/10/20165263NKACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.7/10/2016100KACCU
Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation​6/09/201650KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.​10/08/201642NKACCU
Australian Carbon Traders Pty. Ltd.​9/08/2016250NKACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.​8/08/201650NKACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.​8/08/2016604KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.​8/08/20161250KACCU
Tasman Environmental Markets Pty. Ltd.​8/08/2016157KACCU
The Sigma Global Company Pty. Ltd.​5/08/20164416KACCU
Greenfleet Australia as Trustee for the Greenfleet Trust​5/08/20166000KACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.​14/07/20163715CER
EnergyAustralia Pty. Ltd.​30/06/201653,569CER
Origin Energy Electricity Ltd.​16/06/2016148,922CER
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.​9/06/2016573NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.​9/06/20162376NKACCU
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.​9/06/20164762NKACCU
Aboriginal Carbon Fund Ltd.​7/06/20167000KACCU
​Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.​31/05/201610,000​​KACCU
​Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.​31/05/2016100​KACCU​
​Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.​9/05/201622,353​NKACCU​
​Thomas Winklehner​​21/04/2016​6771​CER​
​Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council​​22/02/2016​50​KACCU
​​Thomas Winklehner21/01/20164934​CER
Thomas Winklehner​21/01/2016​32,885​CER
Thomas Winklehner​4/01/2016​8643​CER
​Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.20/11/2015​2520​​CER
​Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.17/11/2015​​838,979​CER
Thomas Winklehner16/11/201525,771CER
Thomas Winklehner16/11/20159232CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.16/11/201540,000CER
BP Energy Asia Pte. Ltd.13/11/201575,000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.13/11/20153765CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.13/11/201510,000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.13/11/201510,000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.13/11/201510,000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.13/11/201510,000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.13/11/201534,558CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.12/11/201549,993CER
Thomas Winklehner10/11/201510,250CER
Perenia Pty. Ltd.6/11/20155137CER
Westpac Banking Corporation6/11/201591,766ERU
Perenia Pty. Ltd.5/11/20157441CER
Westpac Banking Corporation4/11/2015475,590CER
Perenia Pty. Ltd.29/10/20152000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.28/10/201533,138CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.27/10/2015810KACCU
Perenia Pty. Ltd.22/10/201548,383CER
Perenia Pty. Ltd.20/10/2015102CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.19/10/201550,007CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.19/10/201514,000CER
Perenia Pty. Ltd.16/10/2015120CER
Perenia Pty. Ltd.16/10/2015221CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.12/10/201526,000ERU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.7/10/201522,371CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.30/09/201522,749CER
Westpac Banking Corporation25/09/2015240,369CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.23/09/20152564CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.23/09/201526,536CER
Commonwealth Holding Account17/09/2015848,465AAU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.8/09/2015900CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.8/09/2015100KACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.31/08/2015250CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.25/08/201594,000CER
Perenia Pty. Ltd.24/08/2015100CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.5/08/2015131,870CER
Perenia Pty. Ltd.24/07/2015150CER
Westpac Banking Corporation29/06/201510,000CER
Origin Energy Electricity Ltd.15/06/201565,683CER
Climate Friendly Pty. Ltd.26/05/201524,332NKACCU
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.20/05/2015187,301CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.25/03/201547,668CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.11/03/2015210,000CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.5/02/2015248,370CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.27/01/20151000CER
Westpac Banking Corporation11/11/2014802CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.16/10/201415,000CER
Westpac Banking Corporation7/10/2014241,534ERU, CER
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.13/08/2014100CER
Greenfleet Australia as Trustee for the Greenfleet Trust5/08/201451KACCU
Greenfleet Australia as Trustee for the Greenfleet Trust8/07/2014379KACCU
Westpac Banking Corporation21/03/201410,000CER
Westpac Banking Corporation18/10/2013684CER
Westpac Banking Corporation4/10/2013256,818ERU, CER
Climate Bridge Pty. Ltd.15/07/2013500CER
Commonwealth Holding Account22/04/20132,300,861AAU
Westpac Banking Corporation25/03/2013324CER
Westpac Banking Corporation19/12/201210,000CER
Carbon Banc Ltd.14/09/2012500CER
Westpac Banking Corporation15/03/201210,000CER​​​

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